Antimicrobial Shield – Protect Yourself from Dangerous Virus

Safeguarding Even At A Microscopic Level

When it comes to cleaning the vehicle, there’s more than that meets your eyes. It isn’t effortless to clean all the nooks & crannies from the interior of your car. Freshening up a new vehicle or deeply cleaning & sanitizing a used car, Permagard has got it all covered. Permagard’s Antimicrobial Shield ensures that your car, as well as its passengers, are protected even at the microscopic level. And when it comes down to Air Conditioning units, they are the most significant breeding ground for germs, which are collected and spread from the air to passengers messing with their health. These dirt & impurities embed themselves into filters and the interior of your vehicle, exposing your family to a plethora of dangerous bacteria.

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Safe & Effective

The average vehicle holds up to 800 kinds of microscopic organisms, which are spread all through air conditioning systems and surfaces. Permagard Antimicrobial Shield, once practiced, builds an undetectable fence to freshen and eradicate toxic bacteria and germs inside the vehicle lodge.

For Permagard, the quality and sterility of a vehicle are the priority, to guarantee the health security of its travelers. As opposed to utilizing unsafe liquor and drying out techniques for cleaning, Permagard Antimicrobial Shield stays alright for families, pets, and the atmosphere.

The technology Behind / The secret behind our effective formulation !

Lysis technology causes Mechanical disruption of cell membranes, and denatures or degrade sensitive macromolecules, such as protiens and DNA.

Because most bacteria are negatively charged these virus cells readily absorb Permagard’s cationic polymers. Once absorbed the antimicrobial physical penetrates to pierce or cut a cell membrane. This disruption of cell membrane causes the bacterial DNA to leak, causing cell death.

Step 1: Sanitize. Surface Application

Once the spray is applied it clings to the surface electrostatically reducing waste, improving coverage and eliminating human error.

Step 2: Shield. Immediate Action

This specially formulated antimicrobial kills all bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses attacking their cell membrane, hence completely destroying the microbe.

Step 3: Protect. Preventive Guard.

It’s coating formula imparts a biostatic layer to treated surface thereby not allowing invasion of microbe for upto 12 months.

Antimicrobial Shield Car Sanitizer
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