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Safeguarding Even At A Microscopic Level

Antimicrobial Shield Car Sanitizer

When it comes to cleaning the vehicle, there’s more than that meets your eyes. It is difficult to clean all the nooks & crannies from the interior of your car. Freshening up a new car or deeply cleaning & sanitizing a used car, Permagard has got it all covered. Permagard’s antimicrobial shield ensures that your car, as well as its passengers, are protected even at the microscopic level. And when it comes down to air conditioning units, they are the largest breeding ground for germs, which are collected and spread from the air to passengers messing with their health.

Polymer Protection

Paint Protection Film
We Understand The Importance Of Protecting Your Adorned Vehicle Against Many Hazards It May Face During The Ride. Permagard’s Services Are For All The Individuals Who Want The Best Of Best For Their Treasured Car, Boat, Or Aircraft. Our High-Grade Aviation Coatings Are The More Advanced And Are Tested In The Extreme Circumstances All Around The World, Providing An Economical & Value-Enhancing Revamp To Any Vehicle, May It Be A Brand New Car Or A Used One. Permagard’s Most Advanced Technology Has Been Proved To Be Trustworthy To Protect Some Of The World’s Most Valuable Painted Surfaces.

Refresh Exterior Treatment

Car leather protection 

Any ardent vehicle owner can effortlessly notice the depreciating quality of a vehicle regardless of how well it’s maintained. General damages that happen over time is a consequence of a car that has been exposed to the open road. Complexities, for example, stains and whirl imprints, can happen from airborne pollutants and exterior dangers such as overhanging trees and bird droppings.

Permagard Automotive Window Films

Car Window Film
In Humid Months, A Parked Vehicle Can Warm Up To A Hazardous 60 Degrees When Exposed To The Sun. Robust UV Rays Can Both Overheat Your Vehicle, And Undoubtedly Fade And Damage Interiors. Permagard Utilizes The Latest In UV & Heat Deflective Technology, Permagard Automotive Films Gives A Superior Tint Solution That Ultimately Reduces Vulnerability To Solar Energy & UV Radiations. While Traditional Window Tinting Methods May Be Promptly Accessible To The Public, We See Your Car For The Valuable Asset It Is; One That Deserves Simply The Best And Most Premium Treatment Experience.

Tested Upto


Tested Upto

Degree Celsius

Tested Upto


More Than

Miles A Year

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About Us

Established in 1998, Permagard is the market leader in the Paint Protection Technology. We specialize in protective coatings that are designed to perform in the most robust environment.

We’ve protected over 100 billion dollars’ worth of aircraft’s, automobiles and yachts globally.

Permagard specializes in exterior and interior protection along with antimicrobial shield for sanitizing, which is the optimum solution for the “Long-Term Protection” for your vehicle. Our world-class surface protection technology has been continuously delivering exceptional exterior and interior protection to automotive, aviation & marine vehicles.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Permagard?

Permagard is one of the market leaders in Paint Protection Technology. The company specializes in the manufacturing and application of High-performance protective coating products that have been engineered to perform in the toughest of environments. Permagard provides the best car paint protection coating in India and across the globe.

Why should I install Permagard’s paint protection coatings to my vehicle?

Your vehicle is one of the most expensive investments you make, so you want to protect your treasured vehicle from getting damaged. Permagard ultra-gloss finish gives your vehicles the wet look that will surely turn some heads. Permagard’s coatings won’t peel, crack, fade or oxidize giving you the fell and freshness of new car every day. Permagard provides the best car paint protection coating in India and across the globe.

Does Permagard affect the paint of the car?

Unlike any wax or silicone-based polish which can damage the paint of your vehicle in the long run, Permagard’s coating is a plastic-based barrier that bonds with paintwork, leaving a glasslike finish. It does not interfere with the curing process and can be applied as soon as the paint is dried. Permagard provides the best car paint protection coating in India and across the globe.

How Permagard’s protection coatings are applied?

Permagard’s paint protection coatings are applied by a trained professional, whose main objective is to provide the best quality service to our customers. Permagard is applied using the highest quality ingredients and technologies to ensure quicker, swirl-free results that can last a lifetime. Permagard provides the best car paint protection coating in India and across the globe.

How Permagard does reduce the maintenance of my vehicle?

Permagard’s coatings provide your vehicle ultra-gloss finish, leaving it very slick. This makes cleaning of coated surface much easier. It also eliminates the need for wax or polish. You can wash your vehicle with water or mild soap, and you are ready to go. Permagard’s coatings are observed to reduce the maintenance of your vehicle by 50% per annum. Permagard provides the best car paint protection coating in India and across the globe.

  • It was surprising to know that the technology used for aeroplane paint protection is now introduced for cars…no big surprise Permagard offers a long haul guarantee in high contrast…the vehicle specifying industry is, at last, getting organized.

    Gurung Bhumika
    Indian TV Actress
  • It’s a mandatory care package for all our cars. In India’s extraordinary unforgiving warmth, there is no preferred consideration over Permagard India for your vehicle. Much thanks to you for acquainting this item with the Indian market.

    Anuj Sachdeva
    Indian TV Actor
  • “A genuinely outstanding product range that really works in a market full of products that promise everything and deliver very little.”

    Wayne Green
    Presitge Auto Salon, Sydney
  • Permagard has the best gloss effect I have ever seen

    Brian O'Connel
    AMG Australia
  • Permagard is our preferred paint protection system in Japan

    BMW , Japan
  • After trying a number of different products we tried Permagard Pre-Delivery Treatment and have found it to meet all our requirements. We find it excellent to eliminate micro-scratches and what we call ‘spider webbing’.

    Canterbury BMW Australia
  • Had a brand new Tiguan go through a full treatment, the car looks amazing now. Dealt with Mr. Mick Pearson, looked after me like a gentleman, quick and very good service provided by himself and Abby from head office.

    Guillaume Thuret
    Permagard Australia
  • Great service, Contacted Paul Muller because we weren’t happy with the first application from the dealership. Paul came out immediately and booked it in to redo it. Once we got the vehicle back from Paul it was immaculate and couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Paul and the Team. Also for the added convenience they also dropped me off at the shops. Top Job Permagard Arundel!

    Jay Andrews
    Permagard Australia
  • I had Mick come out today to fix a few scratches on my Mazda and it now looks back to its brand new self. He also asked if there were any other marks that he could fix for me while he was here and made sure everything was fixed and clean. I cannot recommend Permagard enough. Thank you!

    Katelyn Alexander
    Permagard Australia
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