Interior Protection

The Science

Permagard’s excellence did not come overnight, years of research, and testing led to the development of reactive polymer technique to protect the paint of vehicles. Permagard’s technology creates a high-gloss protective barrier on the vehicle’s paint.

The reactive polymer is the most efficient technology because of its bonding and locking reaction, which takes place at a molecular level inside the porous paint surface. Polyurethane paints are vulnerable, and this treatment creates a uniform surface forming a plasticized barrier protecting the exterior paint from bird lime, tree saps, stones, and many more of such industrial and environmental damages.

To secure the paint further, technologically advanced UV inhibitors are used on the painted surface, which works as a sun cream that deflates the harmful UV rays.

Reactive polymer treatment on vehicles’ paint helps in protecting the paint from industrial as well as environmental damages such as bird droppings, insects, and road grime.

How does it work?

Interior protection

Using Permagard’s unique upholstery protection, your vehicle’s interior is safe from UV rays, spills, and anything else the passengers may throw at it. Our scientifically backed Copolymer Technology ensures that all fabric and leather are shielded against water-based spills while defending discolouration from the sun.

Our hyper-protective invisible guard forces liquids to ‘bead up’ on the surface of seats and upholstery without staining, making cleaning as simple as a wipe away. Vinyl and plastic surfaces remain cleaner and glossier, with Permagard’s invisible coating protecting against unsightly scuff marks and fading. With the first line in chemical bonded defence, your car’s interior will appear newer, shine brighter and smell fresher for longer.

Permagard works to repel:

  • Acid Rain
  • Salt
  • Alkali pollution
  • Bird droppings
  • Tree sap
  • Insect etching
  • Hard water deposits
  • Road grime
  • Pollution fallout
  • Liquid and water-based stains
  • UV-ray damage
  • Scuff marks


Permagard provides the best luxury car interior and exterior protection in India and across the globe.


All of our products and services are backed with ISO14001 (Environment), OHSAS18001 (Health and Safety) and ISO9001 (Quality) certifications, to ensure your vehicle is masked with the best preventative measure against all threats.


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