Paint Protection Films

Innovative Protection

PPF is a special treatment over the Car Exterior that saves it from those elements that may damage the paint while the car is exposed to different environment conditions.

PPF is a thermoplastic urethane applied on painted surfaces. Different paint protection films protect the car from bug splatters, minor abrasions, and stone chips on either a new or used car. PPF is either colored or transparent and is applied chiefly to the car paint’s top layer.

PPF is made with extra care and precision so that it blends easily with the original factory paint of the car.

Premium Treatment Experience

In humid months, a parked vehicle can warm up to a hazardous 60 degrees when exposed to the sun. Robust UV rays can both overheat your vehicle, and undoubtedly fade and damage interiors. Permagard utilizes the latest in UV & heat deflective technology, Permagard automotive films gives a superior tint solution that ultimately reduces vulnerability to solar energy & UV radiation.

While traditional window tinting methods may be promptly accessible to the public, we see your car for the valuable asset it is; one that deserves simply the best and the most premium treatment experience.

What is the science behind PPF?

The different types of paint protection film have almost the same physical construction. PPF is broken into three layers.

Polyester Release Liner

It is the PPF’s bottom layer. Once it is removed, it will expose the material that bonds to the car’s surface.

Acrylic adhesive

It is a bit thinner and provides the durability of the bond.


PPF is majorly made up of polyurethane. It provides depth and strength to the car paint protection film.

Features & Benefits of Paint Protection Films:

  • Self Healing Technology
  • Preserves the original vehicle paint
  • Scratch and chemical resistant
  • Has excellent water repellent properties
  • Internationally Approved
  • Protects Against Stains and Fading
  • Save from costly paint job
  • Gives gloss and visual appeal to the car exteriors

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