Permagard Wax Coated Microfiber Duster

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This car duster by Permagard India will solve most of your issues with accumulated dust on your car. The cleaning head features wax treated cotton threads that trap more dust without leaving any scratch marks. Its long handle helps to reach difficult areas on car tops and the curated handle allows for a comfortable grip while cleaning. With this product, your car cleaning task is going to be a cakewalk. Besides, the duster also comes with a cover for easy storage.

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Specially Wax Treated Cotton Strands
The duster features cotton strands that have been treated with wax for an extra smooth coating. It cleans dust more efficiently and leaves no scratch marks on the surface.

Curated Wooden Handle
The duster comes with a long wooden handle that allows you to easily dust even the middle of the car’s roof. Besides, it allows for a comfortable grip that does not leave one with painful wrists after long sessions of dusting.

Good for upto 250 uses



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