The World Leader in the Technology of Automotive Paint Protection

The World leader in the Technology of Paint Protection

Everyone wants their vehicle to stay up to the mark forever. Still, it is not possible as the paint of your vehicle oxidizes with time because these paints are made up of essential oils that get destroyed by sunlight, oxygen, and airborne pollutants, ultimately damaging the paint of your vehicle. Permagard provides Best Car paint protection in India and across the globe.


A little care can restrain this situation.


PERMAGARD protects your vehicle from all these elements, blocking out the pollutants that undermine your paint. Once applied on painted surfaces by a certified technician, the PERMAGARD treatment creates a high-quality protective coating with a glass-like finish that is sure to turn heads.

Once applied on painted surfaces by a certified technician, the PERMAGARD treatment creates a high-quality protective coating with a glass-like finish.


  • You only get one chance to make an impression. So show them the sparkling shine and wet look of your vehicle with Permagard.
  • Permagard will not only make your vehicle look attractive, but it also protects your vehicles from 99.9% of germs and bacteria known to man.
  • Once the Permagard is applied, the maintenance of your car will be super easy; it also offers you an environmentally safe and cost-effective way to protect your valuable assets.
  • With Permagard, the maintenance of your car will be easy.
  • It protects your car from oxidization.
  • Does not harm the paint.
  • Reduces the time required to clean your vehicle.
  • It minimizes the decaying of the paint.
  • Permagard can be applied to new as well as old cars.
  • Permagard coatings give your vehicle the wet look.
  • It is most durable in the world.
  • It can be directly applied to the car’s paint.
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Permagard treated surfaces need to be cleaned only with water, No harsh solvents are required. Permagard is a specific, long-lasting protection process using a reactive polymer that is suitable for all types of automotive, marine, and aircraft paints.​


Why Choose Our Service Our high-performance, environmentally safe protective coatings have been engineered to enhance and maintain a like-new appearance for the lifetime of the paint for all aircraft, boats, and automobiles. For over twenty years, our cutting-edge research and development laboratories have been leading the industry and PERMAGARD is today considered the standard in aviation protective coating solutions. Permagard provides the best car paint protection in India and across the globe.

Long Term Protection. Permagard’s sophisticated reactive polymer and UV filtering technology protects aircraft paint against fading and oxidation. This maintains the paint’s original aesthetic brilliance, in addition to extending and prolonging the life of the paint, reducing the need for repaints. Permagard provides the best car paint protection in India and across the globe.

Performance Enhancement Permagard has proved to reduce parasitic drag on both commercial and business jets, thereby decreasing the engine cruise power settings, ultimately saving fuel. Permagard provides the best car paint protection in India and across the globe.


Interior protection:

Adding a fine layer of Permagard’s interior protection technology binds every fiber of the surface of carpet, leather, fabric, plastic, and vinyl in your vehicle.

Permagard’s interior protection technology:

Coats and shields every fibre and surface.

Maintains your new leather look and smell.

Stains are not absorbed by treated surfaces, making them easy to clean.

Blocks UV rays and prevents cracking and fading caused by sun exposure.

Antimicrobial Shield:

Permagard’s Antimicrobial Shield protects your vehicle from 99.9% of all germs and bacteria. No matter how much you keep your vehicle clean and tidy, there will be germs and bacteria.

Permagard’s Antimicrobial Shield technology protects against the mold and mildew growing in your air conditioning system and also from the microorganisms living on the surfaces of your interior.

Removes 99.99% of germs

Protects for a long period

Reduces cabin odours such as pet odours, mold, and mildew

Invisible and odourless

Exterior protection:

The Permagard Reactive Polymer exterior protection is a scientifically developed coating that chemically bonds to the paint of your car.

Permagard’s coatings are trusted to protect some of the world’s most expensive surfaces and gel-coatings which are subjected to the harshest of climates and environments.

The glass-like barrier will provide exceptionally long term protection to your vehicle.

Permagard’s coatings completely seal the paint from the atmosphere and the damaging effects to the paint from acid rain, salty water, pollution dropout, bird-dripping, soiling, etc.

Permagard protected vehicle’s maintenance is reduced by up to 50% per annum. It is very cost-efficient.

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Established in 1998, Permagard is one of the market leaders in the Paint Protection Technology. We specialize in protective coatings that are designed to perform in the toughest environment. We’ve protected your vehicle oxidizes with time. Be it a newer clear-coated finish or the traditional paint, it contains several necessary oils.

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