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Permagard is enthusiastic about enhancing the overall comfort, security, and condition of your vehicle. Permagard’s way of thinking has consistently been to source the best materials, manufacturing systems, and technical teams. Thus, we have formed two pioneering window tint solutions to meet every individual’s way of life and requirements.

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Premium Treatment Experience

In humid months, a parked vehicle can warm up to a hazardous 60 degrees when exposed to the sun. Robust UV rays can both overheat your vehicle, and undoubtedly fade and damage interiors. Permagard utilizes the latest in UV & heat deflective technology, Permagard automotive films gives a superior tint solution that ultimately reduces vulnerability to solar energy & UV radiation.

While traditional window tinting methods may be promptly accessible to the public, we see your car for the valuable asset it is; one that deserves simply the best and the most premium treatment experience.

Permagard Automotive Window Films


Permagard Aurora is an advanced colour balanced, non-metalized film incorporating the most advanced fourth-generation carbon-based polyester materials. The film is black in colour, making it a nearby fit for the privacy glass found on various vehicles today. Aurora is a highly enduring, non-reflective film with an intense scratch-resistant coating available in a variety of shades from the darkest allowed to clear.


Permagard Stratosphere integrates a ceramic nano-particle coating that boosts visual transparency while building an extensive shield of protection from heat, glare and harmful UV and IR rays. Stratosphere films altogether diminish Infrared Heat, bringing about immense decreases in vehicle cabin temperature alongside tremendous upgrades in driver and traveller comfort.

Features & Benefits of Permagard Window Films:

  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 benchmarks in the most advanced state of art facilities
  • Black in color making it a nearby fit fitted privacy glass
  • Non-metalized development assuring no interruption with radio or cell transmissions
  • Independently tested by ARPANSA to a supreme Protection Factor Rating of 500+
  • Backed by Permagard’s Nationwide Lifetime Warranty
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