Window Tinting Laws in India? Is it Legal to use Car Window Tinting

If you are thinking why not bring a new car with newly tinted windows in India, there is hardly anyone to say anything. But did you know that India bans tinted window cars? Yes, you heard that right! While window tinting involves applying a thin laminate film to the glass of the vehicle, the reasons...
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What Does Paint Correction Do?

Have you ever noticed a spider web-like structure on a car standing in the sun? These are nothing but circular-shaped scratches that occur due to incorrect washing methods. Many people wash and detail cars with the old circular wax on and off technique. It is where the marks on the car come from. It is...
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Don’t Have a Garage? Tips to Protect Your Car Paint

Beware, car owners! Do you know that many chemicals and products can damage your car’s paint permanently?  As a car owner, you must know what can damage it, especially when parked outside without garage shade to ensure car paint protection. All car owners do not have the pleasure of having a garage. Unfortunately, accidents and...
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Is Ceramic Coating Good for Car

Is Ceramic Coating Good for Your Car?

Every car owner wants their car to look stunning all the time? Right? Until now, you might have tried the basic cleaning stuff like monthly waxing and daily washing to get rid of stains, marks, dirt, scratches, and whatnot. So, how to resolve the problem? You need to have a solution that can make your...
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Top 10 Car Detailing Secrets You Should Know

The appearance of your car or you taking care of your vehicle is not vanity by any means. It is, in fact, smart ownership of your vehicle. A professional detailer can easily come to you and charge anywhere around 100-500 dollars for car detailing. Or you can choose to save some dough by doing it...
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6 Tips to Protect the Car Paint

Are you looking for ways to protect your car against bird droppings, scratches and what not? Well, you are in the right place then because today we will share some of the best tips on how to safeguard your car and make it shine like a new penny. We as car owners always expect normal...
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What You Should Know About Car Paint Protection Film

Do you know what a car paint protection film (PPF) is? Have you ever thought of protecting your car with a PPF? Your car is among the most significant assets that you purchase and possess. Keeping the car well-maintained and making it look good with a quality PPF is essential. Different brands offer various types...
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Everything You Should Know About Automotive Window Films

You and your car will probably ride for many miles together. Thus, you need something that is undeniably comfortable for yourself. How about tinted windows? After all, if you regularly tune-up your engine, then your windows shouldn’t stay behind. We feel a window tint or film is an appropriate enhancement that provides long-term functional benefits....
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Common Car Detailing Mistakes Most People Do

A regular car wash can help you get rid of the surface dirt. But do you know that it cannot remove the ingrained dust from the car? Here, it would help if you consider deep cleaning your car. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can go ahead and do the car detailing yourself. Today’s...
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Don’t Forget to Clean These Parts in Your Car

Do you agree that cleaning a car is a labor-intensive task as far as maintenance is concerned? But once everything is done, there is no other great feeling than the smell of a freshly clean car. interior and exterior car cleaning is critical to keep the car in good condition. But do you believe that...
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