Antimicrobial shield diy disinfect shield protect

Antimicrobial Shield – A DIY (Do it yourself) Product

All in one shield to guard your surfaces at home and work. We understand you. And we have a world class present for you. The global spread of Covid-19 pandemic has thrown great challenges to our lifestyle, health and hygiene. For 3 months straight, we were away from work. And after this long pause, most...
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Tips On How to Clean, Disinfect, and Sanitize Your Car During Coronavirus Crisis

The times have brought an unexpected crisis upon the whole of humankind. The year 2020 bought an uninvited guest along with itself, and now it is a pandemic. It has created havoc all around the world. Nothing seems to survive this crisis. All the good going economies have come to a halt. Not a single...
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Learn How to Clean and Sanitize your Car

The year 2020 has been very abrupt and an unexpected one. We would have never imagined in our wildest dreams that something so dangerous would take over the whole planet. We currently do not have any vaccine to stop the spread of Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. The only weapon each of us has is...
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Frequently Touched Points Of Your Car To Be Sanitized Amid Coronavirus

Do you know how important can Car sanitization be? Yes, in this period of unexpected crisis, some of us would have to fall outside for some necessary needs. And if your profession falls under essential services like medical, grocery vendor, transportation, police forces, etc. then getting out can be unavoidable. While we travel, our only...
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4 Ways To Keep Your Car Sanitized and Cleaned During The Pandemic

The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has taken a severe toll over mankind and still continues to. This is the worst pandemic humanity has seen in centuries. It is time that we start taking all the necessary preventive measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus. Until now, you must have learned how one should wash...
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Car Coating | Should You Invest in Paint Protection For Your Car?

The excitement of getting a new car is unbeatable!  While it makes perfect sense to enjoy the happy moments of having bought yourself a new car, it is also essential to consider some minor add on for car care and protection. One such important factor to consider is that of getting a car paint protection or...
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How to Prevent Automotive Rust

Seeing rust on the car’s exterior is one of the worst nightmares a car owner can probably have. However, it isn’t something that cannot be prevented. Several preventive steps can be taken, to avoid automotive car rust, but first, we need to understand precisely what this rust is. What is Automotive Rust? Automotive Rust is an iron oxide, a...
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Why Is Car Paint Protection so Expensive?

The luster and shine of a car’s exterior in the showroom is a sight of its own. As time flies, the same gloss also tends to fade away. As a car owner, that’s the last thing you want. Using car paint protection adds luster in the car’s appearance and the car’s paint becomes more sustainable. Here, we...
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What is car paint protection, and is it worth it?

Remember the bunch of add-on services you were offered, during the purchase of your car? Was car paint protection one of them? Yes! It is no less than a wonder in the world of car enthusiasts. Car paint protection is an optional yet extremely crucial addition to your beloved vehicles.  Car maintenance can be a troublesome task,...
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How to Prevent Sun Damage to Your Car’s Paint?

One of the most disheartening sights to see is your car’s paint damaged by the sun. It can also become dangerous for your vehicle in the long run. Once the rust penetrates the surface of your vehicle and begins to attack your vehicle’s frame, it will cause severe damage. So, how to protect car from...
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