choosing a car detailing professional

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Car Detailing Professional

Love a shiny and elegant car that looks like it’s fresh out of the showroom? Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep your car looking like that if you’ve been using it for a long time. But it certainly isn’t impossible. Keep washing and cleaning your car regularly with Permagard car shampoo and a microfiber towel. The...
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How to Remove Swirl (scratch) Marks From Car Paint?

Hate the way your brand new car looks because of some weird scratches on the surface? Want to get rid of them such that they never come back? If you answered yes, this guide is your holy grail. Read on to find all about swirl marks, how you can prevent them from damaging your new...
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What is Reactive Polymer Technology?

A paint coating is the second layer of paint for the car. It is a kind of secondary coat that is applied to the existing paint coat. A car paint coating forms a harder and stronger bond. Currently, different car coatings prevail in the market. The most popular ones are glass and ceramic. The glass...
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6 Tips to Rejuvenate Your Car’s Interior

Want to opt for car rejuvenation after this long pandemic? Tired of the smell in your car? We will guide you with 6 awesome tips on how to wipe the shabby off your car’s interior, whether you are trying to sell it or just want to freshen up your daily driving after a long lockdown.  It’s...
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Essential Car Care Products for Your Car

Want your car to stay shining and brand new even after years of usage? Hate those scratch marks and chips that ruin the beauty of your vehicle? Try preventing them by offering your vehicle complete protection with Permagard’s premium car care products. Permagard offers various solutions meant to keep your vehicle protected from dust, pollution,...
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Window Tinting Laws in India? Is it Legal to use Car Window Tinting

If you are thinking why not bring a new car with newly tinted windows in India, there is hardly anyone to say anything. But did you know that India bans tinted window cars? Yes, you heard that right! While window tinting involves applying a thin laminate film to the glass of the vehicle, the reasons...
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What Does Paint Correction Do?

Have you ever noticed a spider web-like structure on a car standing in the sun? These are nothing but circular-shaped scratches that occur due to incorrect washing methods. Many people wash and detail cars with the old circular wax on and off technique. It is where the marks on the car come from. It is...
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Don’t Have a Garage? Tips to Protect Your Car Paint

Beware, car owners! Do you know that many chemicals and products can damage your car’s paint permanently?  As a car owner, you must know what can damage it, especially when parked outside without garage shade to ensure car paint protection. All car owners do not have the pleasure of having a garage. Unfortunately, accidents and...
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Is Ceramic Coating Good for Car

Is Ceramic Coating Good for Your Car?

Every car owner wants their car to look stunning all the time? Right? Until now, you might have tried the basic cleaning stuff like monthly waxing and daily washing to get rid of stains, marks, dirt, scratches, and whatnot. So, how to resolve the problem? You need to have a solution that can make your...
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Top 10 Car Detailing Secrets You Should Know

The appearance of your car or you taking care of your vehicle is not vanity by any means. It is, in fact, smart ownership of your vehicle. A professional detailer can easily come to you and charge anywhere around 100-500 dollars for car detailing. Or you can choose to save some dough by doing it...
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