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About Permagard Vehicle Care

Vehicle owners can have the assurance that their investment is secured by the most lasting technology in the automotive market. Permagard understood the colossal effect it’s advanced products made on the aviation market. Hence, we saw it as a perfect fit to introduce these to esteemed car owners.

Our continuous improvement plan and scientific testing have empowered us to convey the best products for vehicles over the nation. Permagard works to battle dangers, for example, road pollutants, microorganisms, and microscopic organisms that come in contact with your car.

When investing in Permagard, vehicle owners must know that the adequacy of its Exterior, Interior, Refresh, and Antimicrobial medicines. These treatments work at advanced levels to help maintain a perfect, new, and shiny vehicle. However, these will only work if you work with them.

Permagard understands that every driver can’t take appropriate care of their vehicle regularly. Hence, there are proper steps they can take to ensure their vehicle is maintained at an ideal level. Through our full range of Vehicle Care Products, car owners can maintain the durability of cleanliness and quality in the middle of uses. Utilizing our prescribed washes and detailing products, your vehicle can be maintained in the Permagard way.

Safeguard your Asset's Splendor with Permagard

Frequently asked questions

I Have Already Applied Permagard To My Vehicle Already, What Products Should I Use for Maintenance And Where Can I Purchase These Products?

We strongly recommend you to use Permagard car wash shampoo.

If you like, any other pH neutral car wash can also be used. To avoid scratching while washing the vehicle, it is recommended to use a new soft sponge & a chamois.

I am hoping to have Permagard applied to my car. Where can I get it done?

Our qualified technicians can be appointed to apply Permagard professionally.

Contact us & we will guide you through to the nearest authorized Permagard dealer in your area. (It’s not available for retail purchase).

What does your warranty policy cover?

We offer a lifetime warranty on exterior & interior protection products for the vehicle’s life. Also, our warranty comes with the transferable option upon inspection when you want to sell your car privately to the new owner.

With Permagard, all environmental damages are covered, such as bird & bat droppings, oxidization, and fade due to UV rays and pollution. Staining caused by cosmetics, ink & food, and drink spillages are also covered.

You can contact our authorized dealer for full warranty information. If in need, our mobile technicians can come and inspect your issue. Oftentimes, it can be rectified on the spot, and affected areas can retreat. Of course, all free of charge.

Who is my closest stockist of Permagard products?

Kindly contact us at support@permagardindia.com with your area pin code and we will get in touch with you shortly with a list of your closest dealerships that offer Permagard.

Is there anything I should use to maintain the coating after the 6 to 12 month mark?

Maintain the coating correctly and make sure to clean with a good quality pH balanced shampoo.

Don’t use shampoos that contain wax in them; it is problematic for paint. Because when the wax melts in the heat, airborne pollution can cling to the melting wax and when it cools down, the dust gets trapped in the wax and when hand washed or swiped, these bits can damage the paint/coating.

How much will the application cost for my car?

Permagard can only be purchased by our participating dealership network, and it is applied by professionals only. For your quotation, you can contact your local dealer.

What are the advantages of Permagard over regular paint protection options available in the market?

Permagard is tested and proven, and it is the only option available in the market. It is trusted across the globe by commercial aviation giants providing tangible benefits, by protecting the surface of jets & stretching the paint life.

Tested by Mercedes Benz Australia Pacific & Porsche Cars Australia, Permagard is the only product in the market that performed best on their vehicles. No other brand holds this level of real-world testing or approval.

Permagard’s reactive polymer technology is remarkably resistant to usual pollutants like UV damage and industrial pollution. It forms a very thick barrier than any other when applied, ultimately providing the best protective coatings.

Not the least, we back our product. Our warranty procedure is simple & customer-friendly. Our professionals will go above & beyond to keep our valuable customers happy.

Does the Permagard coating need to be touched up or reapplied after a certain period of time, and if so how long?

If you purchased the Permagard treatments for your car when it was under five years of age, then no, it does not need to be touched up. For terms on vehicles over this age, speak to your authorized dealer for terms relating specifically to your car.

I have swirl/water marks on my car after being treated with Permagard, what should I do?

Let us know immediately if you see watermarks on the paint. Go to the contact us section & then warranty option. Our people will get in touch with you within three business days to book an inspection. Mention proper and full information about your complaint & vehicle. Please mention your warranty number. It’ll be very helpful.

Swirl marks are to be treated professionally. It is usually a result of poor washing practices or the use of polishing products by untrained people.

In this matter, we can advise on repairing them and offer a fee per panel re-treatment.

How do I remove hairline scratches/smear marks on my car?

Scratches/Smear are need to be removed professionally. In this case, we can advise on repairing them and offer for a fee per panel re-treatment.

Do your interior protection products contain any toxic chemicals content that may increase the VOC levels in my car?

No, Permagard interior protection products are made with the latest in water-based fluoro-copolymer technology; they have curing abilities after the application. Ultimately, they do not leech any chemicals or fumes onto your cabin.

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