Quality Policy

Why use Permagard?

Protection is required, despite whether your vehicle is clear-coated with the new or older finish. The oil acts as an essential element to the coating, which is present in all vehicle’s paints. Lamentably, all the airborne impurities add to the accelerated depletion of these oils. If simple care is not provided to a vehicle, it often leads to damaged paintwork.

A neglected exterior is known to dissipate it’s colour resins & starts to decay. Permagard provides details that are the most protective covering components and have been determined to be the most compatible coating, in testing done by the determined BMW Japan in 2010. Permagard’s scientific formula acts at a molecular level,  employing advanced reactive polymers to bond & lock-in various layers to safeguard against dangers.

Permagard lengthens the life of the surface it shields, deflecting against all dangers like insects, chemicals, pollution, dirt, or acids. This lets your vehicle preserve it’s showroom quality lustre in between washes, A simple water rinse is only needed when cleaning. Permagard’s vehicle protection program is approved and recommended by  Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific, and there is no other brand in the market that holds this position.

Aircraft, meet automotive

Permagard has been the sole choice for more than 15 years, to maintain and rejuvenate leading aircraft exteriors and interiors. With our products and services, the requirement for constant maintenance and repulsed soil & pollutants from clinging to the exterior has diminished. During this time, Permagard has understood the significance of conveying this in a more secure, cleaner, and simpler solution for vehicle owners across the world.

Today’s aircraft & vehicles are surfaced in the same style of polyurethane paint.

Both of them are treated for the same amount of use and the same harsh testing conditions that our environment offers.

It protects your vehicle with the same aviation-grade technology.

Committed to providing the best solution

At Permagard, we know the requirements & needs of a customer and carry that in high respect. Owners desire for an easy solution to maintain the image of the showroom quality of their vehicles. And we are absolutely committed to giving an ideal solution to every problem.

Customers all over the world are ensured that Permagard will undeviatingly meet their necessities. All organization forms are planned for meeting the highest quality and customer needs-from the structure procedure, raw materials selection, manufacturing, delivery, and application process.

Permagard has discovered a way to learn these points by executing a ceaseless journey in terms of the “Permagard Quality Improvement Plan”. As a result of its commitment, the Permagard Quality Management System has been certified to the ISO14001 (Environment), OHSAS18001 (Health and Safety), and ISO9001 (Quality). Also, Part 145 Maintenance Organization, one of the divisions in Permagard has got the Approval Certificate from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in Australia.

This is the reason we are positive that Permagard ensures your vehicle is secured by the most verified coating technology available today. Nothing is simpler. Nothing ensures too. Nothing lasts longer and has a more profound gloss than Permagard.


All of our products and services are backed with ISO14001 (Environment), OHSAS18001 (Health and Safety) and ISO9001 (Quality) certifications, to ensure your vehicle is masked with the best preventative measure against all threats.

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