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Car Paint Protection

We understand the importance of protecting your adorned vehicle against many hazards that it may face during the ride. Permagard’s paint protection are for all the individuals who want the best of the best for their treasured car, boat, or aircraft. Our high-grade aviation coatings are the most advanced and are tested in extreme circumstances all around the world, providing an economical & value-enhancing revamp to any vehicle, may it be a brand new car or a used one. 

Permagard’s scientists have developed a patented solution to protect your exteriors of the car from road gravel or acid rain to even harmful UV radiation. Our advanced Reactive Polymer Technology is engineered to provide exterior paint protection to vehicles against all threats. This technology is proven to be trustworthy in protecting your vehicles against the airborne pollutants of this ever-developing era.

Following the ban of harmful lead and solvents in old paint technologies, most car manufacturers use water-based paints. These paints do not sustain the gloss for longer duration and most UV absorbents within the paint breakdown quicker, losing its protective functionality overtime exposing your car to external damage.

Reactive Polymer Protection Technology

The reactive polymer technology’s corrosion protection mechanism is coupled with the hydrophobic efficiency to provide all-round protection for your car. It creates a high-gloss protective barrier that continuously works to neutralize and repel airborne contaminants and doesn’t require any extensive cosmetic repairs involving resprays or touch-ups.

Permagard’s unique formula is created using environment-friendly and biodegradable components that are safe to use. Our paint protection products prevent rust and stain on your vehicles during all possible times and provides the best car paint protection. The technology proves to be very efficient and is easy to clean. With just a Microfibre cloth to clean, Permagard ensures a life-long glossy finish.

Best Microfiber Cloth for Car

How does it work?

The Permagard shine philosophy revolves around a molecular relationship that results in extreme bonding, stabilizing, gloss-producing curing process, corrosion protection, and hydrophobic efficiency. Our coatings have polar amines with a positive charge to attract negatively charged substrates found in paints. The opposing charges bond very strongly after curing to penetrate the porous surfaces to become an integrated part of the painted surface. Further cross-linking through hydrolysis forms a water repellent polymer coating. Due to this bond, the coating remains intact on the substrate surface on which it was originally applied throughout its life without peeling or cracking off.

Permagard’s “Reactive” polymer coating is applied by an oscillating (buff like) machine to the painted surface of the car filling in the pores of the paint creating a flat and uniform surface. A locking reaction takes place at a molecular level deep inside the porous paint surface, bonding, and locking the coat to the paint. The coating then initiates a covalent reaction to bond and tighten the plastic molecules. Since the technology laminates your car at a molecular level, it tightly locks the painted surface, completely encapsulating the paint with a plasticized protective barrier to provide the best car paint protection treatment.

How is our paint protection unique from others?

The exterior surface paint of any car has to be well maintained as they face extreme atmospheric conditions. Permagard is a force that leaves onlookers dazzled with the wet-look of your car. Our protective coating resists all types of environmental damage such as bird droppings, abrasive chemicals, and paint pollutants that attack an unprotected paint surface. For added protection of the car paint, Permagard coatings are infused with the state-of-the-art UV inhibitors which act like sunscreen in deflecting the harmful UV rays away from the paint and back to the atmosphere. The ultimate aim has always been to provide premium paint protection for cars. This claim has the backing of familiar luxury brands like Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. Some of the largest privately-owned dealer groups like The Landmark Group and Benchmark Cars have reposed their trust in Permagard to meet their challenging and varied needs.

Exterior protection

Permagard’s patented technology creates a high-gloss protective barrier that continuously works to neutralize and repel airborne contaminants. The impact of these contaminants, such as bird droppings, insects, and road grime, require extensive cosmetic repairs involving resprays or touch-ups.

Our formula is created using biodegradable and environmentally safe components that keep your vehicle’s surface stain and dirt-free at all times. Permagard ensures that your car maintains this finish in between washes, only requiring a quick wipe down using a damp cloth to enhance its iridescent glaze.

This innovative technology works cohesively to produce effective results. It offers hassle-free maintenance of coated surfaces. This protection that coats superyachts, commercial planes, and cars last for a lifetime. Permagard ensures that your car maintains the same finish in between washes and enhances its iridescent glaze. Permagard provides the best luxury car exterior protection in India and across the globe.

Permagard works to repel:

  • Acid Rain
  • Salt
  • Alkali pollution
  • Bird droppings
  • Tree sap
  • Insect etching
  • Hard water deposits
  • Road grimes
  • Pollution fallout
  • Liquid and water-based stains
  • UV-ray damage
  • Scuff marks


Permagard provides the best luxury car interior and exterior protection in India and across the globe.

Car Exterior Treatment


All of our products and services are backed with ISO14001 (Environment), OHSAS18001 (Health and Safety) and ISO9001 (Quality) certifications, to ensure your vehicle is masked with the best preventative measure against all threats.


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