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To restore a vehicle to its showroom quality appears next to impossible. Permagard has discovered a solution to this. Offering all-round maintenance on a vehicle’s exterior & interior, Permagard Refresh assures your used vehicle can be recovered to its previous magnificence. For any car lover, our Refresh service ensures that you’re able to relish the improved version of your car while boosting the resale value synchronously.

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Breathe New Life Into your Vehicle

When a vehicle drives out of a showroom, its worth is significantly depreciated. From parking it by the seaside to leaving your car under a tree, there is continuously an environmental risk to the exterior of the vehicle.

Vehicle owners may go to boundaries to keep their vehicle in a flawless condition, yet nothing can escape indications of use over the years. Little damages, exterior dents, and fumes are extraordinarily challenging to eliminate, even by the most costly solutions available. The first impression of a vehicle is exclusively dependent on how well it is maintained; hence regular cleaning and detailing are advised.

About Refresh

Refresh Exterior Treatment

Any ardent vehicle owner can effortlessly notice the depreciating quality of a vehicle regardless of how well it’s maintained. General damages that happen over time is a consequence of a car that has been exposed to the open road. Complexities, for example, stains and whirl imprints, can happen from airborne pollutants and exterior dangers such as overhanging trees and bird droppings.

Using elements of Permagard’s licensed Reactive Polymer Coating, the external refresh surface treatment will rejuvenate your vehicle’s paintwork and add a glass-like finish with at least complain and cost. The high-gloss protection barrier works as an anti-agents to exterior dangers over a broad timeframe, just as buffering out complex blemishes.

When our trained experts do the treatment, there will be no compelling reason to wax or clean your vehicle for as long as a year. Permagard Refresh customers can easily notice a unique difference in the feel and look of a treated and untreated vehicle.

Refresh Interior Treatment

Your vehicle is exposed to major pollutants, germs, and microbes through its constant use. If we consider the number of pollutants and germs transferred in from the workplace, shopping centers, schools, and the outdoors – the uncleanliness of our vehicles gets startling. The wide and obscure openings in air conditioning systems and the interior surfaces work as the ideal breeding ground for mold, organisms, and bacteria.

Subsequently, undetectable germs and foul scents become difficult to eliminate, even with traditional cleaning. With Permagard Antimicrobial Shield, a unique, non-toxic coating combats bacterial menaces to your vehicle by forming a barrier all through the inside lodge.

Permagard Antimicrobial treatment adequately purifies and secures every internal surface and eliminates unpleasant smells that other techniques fail to accomplish. Providing car owners with an all-inclusive and phenomenal level of quality, the coating leaves an undetectable film of shield that keeps on working until the following reapplication.

Features & Benefits of Refresh Interior:

  • Removes 99.99% of germs
  • Protects your interior for long-time period
  • Diminishes cabin odours such as pet odours, mould and mildew
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic treatment
  • Refresh is invisible and odourless
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