Everything You Should Know About Automotive Window Films

You and your car will probably ride for many miles together. Thus, you need something that is undeniably comfortable for yourself. How about tinted windows? After all, if you regularly tune-up your engine, then your windows shouldn’t stay behind. We feel a window tint or film is an appropriate enhancement that provides long-term functional benefits....
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Common Car Detailing Mistakes Most People Do

A regular car wash can help you get rid of the surface dirt. But do you know that it cannot remove the ingrained dust from the car? Here, it would help if you consider deep cleaning your car. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can go ahead and do the car detailing yourself. Today’s...
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Don’t Forget to Clean These Parts in Your Car

Do you agree that cleaning a car is a labor-intensive task as far as maintenance is concerned? But once everything is done, there is no other great feeling than the smell of a freshly clean car. interior and exterior car cleaning is critical to keep the car in good condition. But do you believe that...
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How to maintain a stored car?

Imagine owning a car and not maintaining it. It does not sound great. Right? Maintenance often goes hand-in-hand with owning a car. But what about a car that you do not use quite often and store for most of the year? With the second wave of Corona in the country, most of the commuting to...
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Everyday Tips to Keep Your Car Clean

Do you sit for a long time in your car? Do not be surprised if you do, as most of us spend quality time in our car. But do you always keep it neat and clean? What if your car is mainly stored and not driven daily? You might always wish to have a clean...
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How to Clean Your Car’s Air Conditioning Units

Do you find that sometimes your car’s air conditioner is not pumping out enough air? It could be because of a blockage that is usually caused by a build-up of debris and dust. If dust is left uncleaned for a long time, it will block the vents. Harmful substances and solids can form in the...
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Summer Car Care Tips

Indian summers are all about good sunshine, hot winds and soaring temperatures. It gets so hot here in India that some places even record temperatures as high as 50 degree Celsius. So now you can realize how a cool breeze at night may come as a saviour for us after experiencing scorching heats during daytime....
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Things You Didn’t Know about Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth is nothing less than a revolution in recent times. From using kitchen towels to paper towels are the best to picking up a microfiber cloth, we’ve come a long way. The matter might seem inconsequential to many people. After all, it is just another piece of cloth that claims to clean a surface....
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These Items are Dangerous for Your Car paint

These Items/Decorations are Dangerous for Your Car Paint

Car paint is the same as your skin. When you take care to protect it from sunlight, cold, and pollution, shouldn’t you do the same to your car? Many things that we consider to be relatively harmless can cause a lot of damage to the car paint.  This will result in your car losing its...
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How to Clean Your Car’s Interior

Washing and cleaning the car’s exterior is something most of us anyway do (or get it done). But what about the interiors? Isn’t cleaning the inside of the car equally important? After all, we sit in the car, right? The interiors gather a lot of dirt and bacteria every day. Sweat, pollution, kids, pets, bags,...
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