Top 15 Maintenance Tips That You Must Follow for Your Car to Last Longer

A car plays a very crucial role in the daily lives of their owners. Each and every car owner in the world wants his/her car should have a long life, since the day it has been bought. Maintenance of the car plays a very important role in increasing the car’s life. You must maintain a...
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How to protect your car paint?

The life of a car is depicted by how well it is maintained. Everyone who owns a car wants that their car looks fresh and beautiful like the day it was bought. People tend to judge the cars by its paint and shine which tends to fade with time and low-maintenance. One can consider reactive...
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How to Clean Every Part of Your Car’s Interior?

A car not only needs to shine from outside but also from inside. The interior of your car plays a very significant role in increasing its efficiency. People sometimes tend to ignore the fact that they need to have interior detailing to keep it fresh and clean. A person’s car is considered to be their...
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Auto Expo 2020: Latest Updates

The day saw many unveils from multiple brands. Mercedes, Tata, KIA, MG, Skoda, Hyundai, Maruti & much more. Check for Latest Auto Expo 2020 Updates.
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Are You Germophobic? Then Antimicrobial Protection for your Car is a Must-Have.

Antimicrobial Protection : Every day many of us spend around 3 – 4 hours inside our cars as we travel through sloppy water, potholed streets and smoggy congested driving conditions. Yet, along with these, there are several other ways from where germs enter into our cars. In addition, they also show up when we eat...
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Car Coating

What’s Best For A Car Coating: Reactive Polymer, Wax or Film?

You would always like to keep your car as good as new. It gives you immense joy to see a smooth and glossy finish to your car. However, everyday incidents like UV ray damage, road grime, and bird droppings can leave your car paint looking ugly. It can lead to long-lasting stains and scratches on...
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Tips to Kill Germs from Car Interior

Kill Germs from Car Interior : The majority of people want their cars to be clean. But only a few of them are able to do it properly. Even if you are not that much interested in cleaning, it is important to clean your car regularly. There are a lot of germs inside a car because...
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Preventative Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car in Good Condition

Everyone who buys a car, be it new or second hand, wants his/her car to be in the best possible condition. If car owners want the best experience out of their cars, they need to follow a few normal or basic prevention rules. The main thing that most people focus on is to keep it...
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Car Paint Protection

Car Paint Protection – Is it Worthwhile or Pointless to have one?

Nothing can match the happiness we get when we see a well-maintained, sleek, and shining car. Cars come under the category of our valuable possessions. As much as you love travelling in your car, you should also take the initiative to make your vehicle look sleek. They come with extensive maintenance and responsibility. You can...
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Car leather protection 

Car Leather Protection  – Add Longevity to Your Car’s Leather

Car Leather Protection : Leather has been a special element of vehicle seats and vehicle upholstery for more than 100 years. Initially, vegetable tanning was the most prevalent amongst people to clean skins and cover of the car seats, which provided no surface coloration; also, oils and lubricants were used to avoid water penetration.  But...
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