What is Reactive Polymer Technology?

A paint coating is the second layer of paint for the car. It is a kind of secondary coat that is applied to the existing paint coat. A car paint coating forms a harder and stronger bond.

Currently, different car coatings prevail in the market. The most popular ones are glass and ceramic. The glass and ceramic coating can block all kinds of foreign matter and prevent the car from damage. They protect the car from scratches, dirt, and chemical contaminants.

Another type of coating is Teflon coating that is a paint protection coating. It ensures the car paint’s longevity by providing a protective layer over the color and giving more shine and gloss. It also prevents paint corrosion or wear and tear in extreme weather conditions.

Do you know a coat lasts from 12-24 months, but a regular wax lasts only 1-4 months?

However, one of the premier solutions for protecting car paint is Reactive Polymer Technology by Permagard that offers exclusive services. The blog contains detailed insight into the technology and its benefits. Here we go!

What is Reactive Polymer Technology?

Permagard coatings contain polar amines that give a positive charge to the coatings. The charge is attracted to substrates that are negatively charged, found in paint.

The bond between these opposing charges is so strong that once applied and given time to cure, Permagard’s coating penetrates the porous surfaces of the substrate, effectively becoming an integrated part of the painted surface.

The reaction by hydrolysis provides for cross-linking to form a water repellent polymer coating anchored into the pores of the paint.

It is this molecular relationship that gives PERMAGARD coatings their durability and strength. Due to the bond, the coating will remain on the substrate till the substrate remains on the surface on which it was applied. PERMAGARD coatings will never peel or crack off paint, unlike other brands.

Benefits of Reactive Polymer Technology

  • Cost-effective – Reactive Polymer coating is durable and long-lasting. It is sturdy and comes in use for a longer time without facing external atmospheric and physical issues. It reduces the time that you invest in maintenance and repaint need from time to time.
  • Resistant – The coating with reactive polymers is resistant to chemicals and lesser prone to erosion and corrosion. It can withstand the harshest environmental attacks and chemicals. It forms a protective coating layer over the car’s surface coating and maintains the gloss and shine.
  • No finishing efforts required – Permagard’s Reactive Polymer coating has a natural corrosion-resistant technology that does not demand special finishing efforts. It happens before the machining process to eliminate the post-treatment requirement after the final product has appeared.  
  • Lightweight – Permagard’s Reactive Polymer coating is lightweight than a majority of the metals. It is easier to use and versatile.

Permagard’s reactive coating is applied using an oscillating or buff-like machine on the car’s painted surface. It fills in the paint’s pores and creates a flat and uniform texture.

Permagard Patented Technology

Permagard’s patented advanced Reactive Polymer Technology is designed to provide exterior paint protection to the cars. It is a proven technology for protecting the vehicle from airborne pollutants and other threats.

Permagard’s unique patented technology creates a protective barrier that works to neutralize and prevent airborne contaminants.

These are mostly bird droppings, insects, and road grime. The high-grade aviation coatings provide an economic value to your car, be it a new one or a used one. The formula is made up of biodegradable components that are environmentally safe that keeps the car stain and dirt-free. It makes it hydrophobic that is not harmful to the skin.  

Why Use Reactive Polymer Technology?

Permagard’s innovative technology offers hassle-free maintenance of the vehicle’s coated surfaces. It promises to last for a longer time and maintains the same finish in between washes.

You only need to wipe down quickly using a damp cloth to enhance the car’s shimmering glaze. Reactive Polymer Technology is unique as it is created with environmentally safe products that are harmless to use.

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The materials are tested in well-equipped and trustworthy labs. The advanced corrosion-resistant feature is exceptional that protects the vehicle from adverse climates and pollutants.


Permagard’s Reactive coating is the best coating that provides protection to the car paint. The top-quality materials, long lasting and easier to use features makes the coat economical to use. The coating is recyclable and useful so it is always favourable to use the coating on your car.

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