Car Coating | Should You Invest in Paint Protection For Your Car?

Car Paint Protection Coating

The excitement of getting a new car is unbeatable!  While it makes perfect sense to enjoy the happy moments of having bought yourself a new car, it is also essential to consider some minor add on for car care and protection. One such important factor to consider is that of getting a car paint protection or car coating.

Before you get confused with the technicalities involved in car paint protection, let us understand car paint coating in detail. 

What is Car paint coating? 

Car paint protection or car paint coating is one of the same things. It is a thin and invisible layer of paint, sealant or wax-like substance that is applied, on new cars, in particular, to ensure their protection from minor scratches, scrapes, grime, bird droppings, contaminants, etc. It acts as a shield that protects your car’s paint and makes it look shiny and new for a long time ensuring utmost car care.

Let us now understand the advantages of Car paint coating.

As mentioned earlier, car coating retains the swanky looks of your new vehicle. It also lends it some shine which makes your car look new for an extended period.  

An added benefit of this function is that since your car looks new and expensive, it ends up having a better resale value. Appearance is of great importance to buyers who are looking for used cars. Paint protection helps you tick that checkbox, thereby ensuring your car looks new and appealing to the potential buyer. 

Getting paint coating can also be money saving. It is because this protective layer helps your car protect from small damages against scratches, contaminants, etc. It cuts down the need of running to the showroom every time minor damage is there.

Thanks to the materials and components of the paints, they attract lesser dust and dirt which ensures good car care. It makes your car easier to clean and maintain. This protective coat layer is so secure that it also prevents possible damage caused due to exposure of UV rays to your car’s surface.

Apart from all the functional benefits it provides, the best part about paint coating is that it is an invisible layer. It ensures that you don’t have to compromise on how your car looks and that your favourite surface color remains intact. 

Car paint protection is available in many types. Let us understand each one of them in detail. 

Types of car paint protection: 


Wax is the oldest type of car paint protection that exists. It involves the usage of industrial wax, extracted from Palm trees, mixed with oils and sealants to provide paint coating on cars. This concoction is used to create a layer of protection for car care.

While wax has stood the test of time, it faces criticism for its sticky consistency and the inability to last long. Its sticky texture is also known to attract dust, thereby defeating the primary purpose. It also has a very low melting point.

Synthetic paints: 

As the name suggests, these paints are entirely synthetic. Known for the mirror-like shine and luster they provide, synthetic paints have gained popularity in the recent past. They contain proprietary polymers which also enhances the protection they provide. 

While synthetic paints are more long-lasting than wax, they require a regular touch-up. Its application time is also extremely long. The chemical components are sensitive to environmental factors which is why it does not offer car care for solid protection against UV rays, winds, rains, etc. 

Ceramic car coating: 

Ceramic car coating entails the application of a liquid on your car surface that eventually solidifies. It is chemical-heavy therefore offers water-resistance by chemical bonding. It acts as a protective layer and shields against water, dust, UV rays, winds, rains, etc. It is a thick, transparent and anti-static layer. 

Ceramic’s most significant advantage is the reliable paint coat protection it offers against water, which is often a significant source of damage to cars. Despite the benefits, ceramic is a costly affair. There are cheaper alternatives available that serve the same purpose. It is incredibly time-consuming and needs close monitoring.

As we have discussed, despite all the technological advancement, the alternatives mentioned above fail to fit the bill as they come with various disadvantages. 

With so many options available, how do you decide which alternative will best suit your car? While some options promise appearance, others guarantee protection but do we have an option that provides maintenance and functionality? 

The market is full of numerous options for you to choose from when it comes to the selection of car paint protection. One of the many alternatives to consider is Permagard. Permagard’s reactive polymer paint coating is the best car paint protection solution that is known for its advanced features that provide your vehicle with complete protection and care for your car with paint coating.

Permagard specializes in a distinct method known as reactive polymer technology. This hyper-protective technology works proactively against any source of damage and protects your car against various damage causing agents. 

Permagard’s expertise can be assessed, by the fact that they have provided paint protection solutions to advanced vehicles like aircraft and yachts other than the massive number of cars they have successfully protected. 

What sets reactive polymer coating apart is that, other than providing the usual exterior protection against factors like water, rains, UV rays, dust, contaminants, etc. it also offers reliable solutions for the protection of the interior of vehicles including the upholstery. It also keeps your car free from foul smell. 

In terms of mechanism, Permagard’s reactive polymer technology creates a glass-like protective barrier against all sources that may cause significant damage to your car, both interior and exterior. It comes with the promise of glass-like shine, 100% protection, longevity, high-quality and many other desirable features. 


Car paint protection or car paint coating is vital to keep your car shining and protected. While the market may leave you confused with options like wax, synthetic and ceramic, all of them come with severe drawbacks. Some provide good appearance, others may ensure protection, but not one of them is efficient at both. A smart solution to all your car paint issues is Permagard’s reactive polymer technology which comes with the promise of mirror-like shine and 100% protection for your car care

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