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Now the whole world believes in it.

Even you and us, we all have realized the importance of cleanliness for good health. As the famous quote goes,

“Nothing inspires cleanliness more than an unexpected guest”And this unexpected guest was COVID-19 and a host of other diseases.

But these times have given us a ray of hope.

That, yes, by using right products that keep bacteria and germs away, we can ensure safe and clean living spaces.


Leading in the same manner, is a fantastic cleaning cloth that removes 99% of bacteria from the surfaces it is used upon. And that is,

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Offered by Permagard India for cleaning surfaces like Car Interior Exteriors, furniture, glass doors, windows, mirrors, kitchen countertops and for cleaning many other surfaces.

And this blog will play a valuable role in answering all questions you’ll ever have about the “Microfiber Cleaning Cloth” that’s fast becoming a popular choice all over India and other nations.

So, let’s start with

What is a Microfiber Cloth ?

A Super-soft cleaning cloth generally made by using polyester and nylon. And it has millions of microfibers that are sewn together to clean surfaces openly exposed to bacteria, other harmful and unwanted contaminants.


What makes Microfiber Cloth Special ?

Well, Microfiber cloth is powered by an amazing concept that won Nobel Prize in Chemistry- Van Der Waal Forces. A good number of super-fine microfibers lift and hold dirt, bacteria, liquid spills, grime, mud and grease, all with an ease by expanding the overall sticking effect of Microfibers.


Microfibers Cloth remove even the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles that other cleaning cloth simply fail to remove from the surfaces. And the best part: Microfiber Cloths don’t need expensive chemicals to do the best cleaning.

Reason: It uses the power of forces to clean without chemicals

Where are the applications of Microfiber Cloth?

A Microfiber Cloth by Permagard, does multiple jobs for you. Apart from being the most preferred choice of car owners, it comes as quite handy while doing other common cleaning works that are related to dusting and wiping. And here we present to you the common uses of microfiber cloth:

  • For Cleaning Car Body

Because of Microfiber Cloth’s special ability to absorb oils and liquids, it is highly recommended by automobile enthusiasts as the must-have accessory for polishing, cleaning and dusting of interior and exterior body.

It performs all this because of the fine fibers that leave no lint or dust on the surface.

Cleaning car Body

That’s the sole reason why big car companies all around the globe, trust Permagard Microfiber Cloth for a host of works like, removing wax from paintwork, cleaning interior & exterior body parts and also for cleaning window glass & mirrors.

Well, in simple words, you can use a Microfiber Cloth for cleaning areas like, Steering Wheel, car floor, inside car doors, car seats, dashboard. Plus, its’ also used for washing the exterior body of cars.

  • Used in Kitchen

Being lightweight and super-absorbent, gives an added advantage to Buyers of microfiber cloth, as they can use it for cleaning greasy pans and crockery made of stainless steel.

Clean your Kithchen

Source: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Even more, for a shiny finish of your kitchen countertops, whether they are made of granite or marble, Microfiber Cloth will pick up liquids and dirt easily from the countertops.

  • For Cleaning of Furniture & Doors

Microfiber Cloth have this ability to pick up bacteria, dirt and dust because of the tiny fibers that remove even the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles.

That’s a really strong reason, as to why they are suitable for putting away dust from furniture, wall art, doors, windows and glass pane.

Microfiber- Cloth
  • For Smear-free Bath Tubs & Showers

It’s made to clean even hard surfaces like bath tubs and other bathroom fixtures. A Microfiber Cloth picks up sticky and soapy substances from bathtubs and showers. And gives them a smear-free and sparkling finish so that you experience a good bath time.

Smear-free Bath Tubs & Showers

Source by Ronnie George on Unsplash

All these applications have an important lesson to share with us: Always choose cleaning supplies that can perform multiple jobs.

And Permagard Microfiber Cloth should be the one on top of your list. ☺


Of course a question pops up- Why use a Microfiber Cloth for cleaning?

And we have pretty good reasons to reveal those secrets that come with a microfiber cloth. Come let’s drive across them:

  • Gets rid from expensive chemicals

Microfiber Cloths are said to be hygienic because they avoid the need for buying detergents, often used for cleaning. Microfiber cloths use only water for cleaning surfaces

Microfiber -Cloth

And it has all valid reasons to avoid detergents because of these downsides of detergent:

Expensive & Recurring Purchase

May Cause Allergenic Reactions and Skin Complaints

Chemicals Drain away into water bodies, thereby causing water pollution

  • Saves Time

Microfiber Cleaning cloth applies powerful forces through millions of microfibers that are effective in removing 99% of bacteria and dirt, and that too with just water.

Wipe with Confidence

It leaves no lint, marks and makes the surface naturally dirt-free.

So, instead of using just a cloth or paper along with harmful chemicals for washing your car, try Permagard Microfiber Cloth that saves your valuable time and efforts.

It is recommended to use a pH Neutral Shampoo for your car and you can find one here.

  • Absorbs Liquids & Traps Dust Particles

Microfiber Cloths are enriched with electrostatic properties that give them high dust-attracting power and it just doesn’t stops here. It soaks up liquid spills, absorbs oils, removes wax residue and even light scratches from the car body.

Microfiber -Cloth

Source: Pexels.com

  • Reusable For Many Times

People spend a lot on buying paper towels, scrubbing pads and other unbranded cleaning towels that wear out way too fast. But, this is not a problem with Microfiber Cloths.

Microfiber- Cloth

A Microfiber Cloth can be used for more than 150 washings. They are Durable. They are long lasting. They aren’t replaced frequently.

With Permagard Microfiber Cloth, you don’t have to work hard.

It’s innovative technology that employs so many microfibers for cleaning, does all the hard work you. Well, now you know that it feels fluffy & soft from outside, but It’s hard from inside;)

Microfibers for cleaning

Source by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

The Buying Costs of Microfiber Cloth may be more than a set of 5 units of paper towels.

But in the long run they save you money and frequent trips to the market. One Microfiber Cloth replaces so many paper towels and other substandard cleaning cloths out there.

How to Wash Microfiber Cloths?

Well, its’ quite obvious, that after repeated use, a Microfiber Cloth also needs its own cleaning.

But, here also it does not needs detergents or harmful chemicals.

So, how do you know when to wash a Microfiber Cloth ?

Permagard Microfibre-Cloth

The answer is simple:

When they start smelling bad, OR

When they leave behind traces of lint or dust

And the obvious next question should be

“How to wash Microfiber Cloth?”

Our first advice to all our readers would be, to please read the “Instructions For Washing” provided by the manufacturer itself.

Next, as the general advice goes: Rinse the Microfiber Cloth in warm to hot water for 20 Minutes. This is done to flush out the dirt and other particles. If still you can see the grease and grime, then please rinse again until the water shows clarity after this rinsing.


If you use the Microfiber Cloth daily, then it should be machine washed every week. In this case, rinse it for once and then put it for normal machine wash. Please avoid washing your Microfiber Cloth with Bleach, Detergent or Fabric Softener. As these substances, damage fibers and can even clog them.

If you are still unsure, then please follow the manufacturer’s instruction.


We would recommend you to try out Permagard India’s Microfiber Cloth, that cleans:

Permagard Microfibre Cloth
  • Windows
  • Dashboard
  • Paint Coatings
  • Steering Wheel
  • Interior & Exterior Surfaces

Nothing removes dirt and bacteria like Permagard Microfiber Cloth.

You can even book your Microfiber cloth from the comfort of your home and we’ll do free shipping anywhere in India.

Just visit permagardindia.com or share your order with us on our Whatsapp Number +919825588233

For bulk orders please write to us at care@permagardindia.com

Thanks For Reading.

Cheers !

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