Importance Of Car Detailing

Importance of car detailing

Personal cars are often considered to be the extension of owner’s personality.

A lot reflects on maintenance of the car by the owner, not to mention the admiration the person is going to receive if the car is in proper shape.

Maintaining your car’s perfect appearance and its glossy finish entails more than just getting the car properly washed.


Environment plays an active role in deteriorating the exterior surfaces of your car.

Now, the best way to minimize the effect of climate is to trust a good car detailing service.

What Is Car Detailing?


Car detailing services are focused on removing the invisible dirt that sticks on to your car’s body.

Thus, ensuring a brand-new glossy finish, also called as showroom finish.

This work does not end here; the car care service delivers shiny exteriors, crystal clean windows, and maintains the car’s hygiene.

Albeit, the whole process is pricier than giving your car a regular wash, but the service is worthy of the money invested.

The car detailing process is polar opposite to car washing. As Car detailing pays heed to the minute details.

It is often asked, if a car detailing service can cover and repair scratches?

Well, it depends on the type of scratches.

Car detailing can conceal small scratches from the car’s body, but it would not be effective if the scratches are quite big. A repair or paint job might do the trick.

“If the Car is Detailed, can protects your investment from de-valuation at the time of resale “

What Does It Include?

Car detailing service includes the following steps:

  • Car washing service, mainly done by trained hands instead of a machine.
  • Cleaning the interior of the car.
  • Car exterior surface washing and polishing to maintain the shine.
  • Steam wash to remove the stubborn particles.
  • Accessories installation. (optional, since you can opt it beyond the basic package)
  • Tire cleaning. ( optional, as it depends on your car usage)

A detailed account of the process is provided in the subsections divided into two parts: Interior car detailing and exterior car detailing.

Interior Car Detailing

If you have opted for a car detailing service, the service provider will give the interior and the exterior of the car a thorough swipe.

In most cases, the interior is worked on first because it is an enclosed space that takes a bit more time to dry-up.


Interior car detailing service consists of the following steps-

  • Vacuuming- The first step requires removing the dirt from the interior of the car. Each part of the car is paid proper attention so that no area is missed. To remove the minute particle from closed spaces, an air compressor is used instead of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Brushing and Steam clean- After the first step is done, comes the part where the mats and carpets of the car are thoroughly cleaned. Brushing the dust away and steam cleaning the stubborn particles.
  • Glass Cleaner- Proper and authentic glass cleaner is used to clean the windows and the glass sections to maintain its utmost transparency. 
  • Leather Trimming- Leather seats always need special care since they tend to get cracked when exposed to direct sunlight at regular intervals. In car detailing service, the leather seats are properly cleaned with leather cleaner, saddle soap, and leather soap so that not even one corner is left untouched. To deliver better results, even leather conditioners are used.
  • Vacuuming and Wiping- After all the basic procedures are completed, the car again goes through a second round of vacuuming and deep cleaning with Microfibre cloth to remove all the particles that came off during the process of perfecting the interior.
  • Perfuming- This is the last step where the car’s interior is disinfected, and perfume is sprayed to give the customer a good feeling.

Exterior Car Detailing

After the interior part is thoroughly cleaned, the car detailing provider will pay extra attention to the Exterior protection.

They will look for hairline scratches since it can be minimized by availing their service and taking steps to maintain the car’s glossy showroom shine.

“Professional washes can use up to 50% less water than at home washes, thanks to conservation measures”


Their exterior part will entail the following services-

  • Hand Car Wash- Contrary to popular belief, hand wash is far more effective than machine washes. When a person uses a manual washing technique, he will pay close attention to each section of the car; with machine washes, it is more commercial. They will remove dirt from the tight areas, which is usually neglected by machine wash.
  • Claying- The second step is Claying, which helps to remove impurities that the normal detergents are unable to. It is considered to be a crucial step that is followed by all car detailing service providers.
  • Polishing- Another integral part of car detailing is polishing. Most renowned car detail service providers, polish the cars to retain its earlier shine and give it a showroom-like finish. 
  • Sealing- The final part of the service is Sealing. This step involves putting a proper coat of sealant that will help retain the car’s shine for a longer period.

The Car Detailing package, which is mentioned, is the basic one; the provider’s service might go beyond this as well.

Other special services like tire protection and paint protection program might require extra monetary investments.

Permagard is a reliable company that provides a Paint protection program that protects the car’s surface from UV rays, acid rain, and extreme weather conditions.


Car Detailing will ensure that the vehicle retains its shine so that the car always seems brand new as it is an extension of the owner’s own self -image.

It is most definitely better than just washing the car, which will never be as effective as car detailing, the reasons are mentioned above.

 If you have some money to spare to maintain your car’s condition, it is advisable to avail of a car detailing service.

We are extremely sure that you would not be disappointed.

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