What is car paint protection, and is it worth it?

Car Paint Protection

Remember the bunch of add-on services you were offered, during the purchase of your car? Was car paint protection one of them? Yes! It is no less than a wonder in the world of car enthusiasts. Car paint protection is an optional yet extremely crucial addition to your beloved vehicles. 

Car maintenance can be a troublesome task, full of hassle. The chances are that it ends up consuming a lot of your precious time. However, thanks to technology and innovation, we now have a reliable solution known as car paint protection that helps save time while efficiently maintaining your car. 


However easy, there is no taking away from the fact that indulging in one extra service after an extremely long wait, to get your car can leave you in a catch. It might make you consider other options as they may seem less time-taking. 

In an attempt to help you overcome this confusion and make the right decision, this article explains car paint protection in detail and decides whether or not it is worth it. 

Let us start by understanding what is car paint protection?

Car paint protection is an essential chemical layer of protection, usually a paint, wax or coating, applied over your car’s surface that prevents it from any external damages. The external damage-causing agents include dust, UV rays, acid rains, contaminants, etc. 

Automotive paint protection acts as a protective barrier between your car and anything that might cause damage to your car. While it does not offer protection against major accidents like a car crash or any other mishap, its primary purpose is to help your car look new and shiny for an extended time. It protects the car against dirt, scratches, chemical reactions, etc. 

Car paint protection is of various types, as follows: 

  • Wax

Wax is one of the oldest types of car protection. It involves the usage of industrial wax that is extracted, from palm trees. It is further processed, by mixing with oils and sealants.  

  • Synthetic paints

Fully synthetic in nature and chemical-heavy, synthetic paint makes use of industrial paints. The process involves finding a paint matching the color of your car and applying a layer of it on your car’s surface. It is famous for providing a mirror-like shine instantly. 

  • Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is one of the most recent car paint protection solutions. It involves the application of a liquid on your car that eventually solidifies. On solidifying, it lends a protective layer which is dust and scratch resistance. 

The availability of so many options to fulfill the same purpose can be confusing. We aim to clarify your doubts.

How do you make the right choice? 

While the range of options in the car paint protection service is impressive, each type comes with its cons. 

Although wax paint protection has stood the test of time, many experts and buyers often complain that its sticky consistency attracts more dust. It isn’t a long-term fix and fails to provide reliable protection against environmental factors. 

Synthetic paints, on the contrary, are time-consuming and fail to offer protection, particularly against sun rays as they tend to fade away. While ceramic doesn’t have these issues, it is criticized, for the expense, it entails. There are cheaper alternatives that provide you with the same care at affordable costs. 

With all the alternatives having a few major drawbacks, how do you make a perfect choice? 

Permagard’s reactive polymer coating technology is one of the most effective car paint protection available in the market. Entrusted with protecting sturdy vehicles like aircraft, yachts, and supercars, Permagard provides the right car paint protection solution. 

The most striking characteristic of the reactive polymer coating is that it fulfills the purpose of both appearance and functionality. We shall explore its benefits further, through the course of this article. 

Is car paint protection worth it? 

Car paint protection is indeed a helpful add on service. It ensures that your car looks new for a long time while also providing functional benefits like protection against scratches, environmental sources, and contaminants.

While the market is full of many alternatives, it is vital that you research thoroughly, and finalize on the option that offers you excellent quality and is cost-effective. 

One such alternative is the reactive polymer coating offered by Permagard. Designed with the special copolymer, chemical technology, it promises both interior and exterior protection against many sources of damage. It also does a decent job of maintaining the appearance of your car.

Now, let’s understand its benefits: 

  • The patented high-tech solution provides your car with a glossy protective barrier against potential sources of damage. 
  • It includes advanced upholstery protection. It ensures that your car is not just protected, on the exterior but also the interior. Interior protection includes your accessories, seats and the overall space. 
  • Its reactive copolymer coating provides a chemically-bonded defense against many environmental damages like acid rain, salt, bird droppings, road grime, pollution fallout, etc. 
  • It offers specialized water-resistance. 

Now that we understand the numerous benefits that Permagard’s reactive copolymer coating offers, it is easier to make a decision, and also conclude that car paint protection is every bit worth the money you invest in it. An important thing to consider before investing in any solution is to have your research well in place, to avoid the possibility of making the wrong decision. 


Car paint protection is often dismissed, as an optional service. However, as discussed earlier, that does not lessen its importance. The market is full of many options like wax coating, synthetic painting, and ceramic coating. Unfortunately, these car protection services come with a set of drawbacks and often cause a hole in your pocket. However, luckily for all the car lovers out there, we also have reliable options like Permagard’s reactive copolymer coating that offers quality service, and solutions that protect both the interior and exterior of your car. 

Investing in such a wholesome car protection service will be worth your money and time. Such options will offer protection and maintenance to your car. 

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