Why Is Car Paint Protection so Expensive?

Car Paint Protection

The luster and shine of a car’s exterior in the showroom is a sight of its own. As time flies, the same gloss also tends to fade away. As a car owner, that’s the last thing you want.

Using car paint protection adds luster in the car’s appearance and the car’s paint becomes more sustainable.

Here, we explore the various aspects associated with car coating for paint protection, starting with a basic understanding of what they are.

What is Car Paint Protection?

Today’s automotive paint safety has developed into a high-quality, thermoplastic feature applied to a new or used car’s topcoat of painted surfaces.

Highly immune to acidic pollutants and corrosion, the paint protection protects the car against insect splatter, bird droppings, mineral particles, acid rain, and more. The unique substance also helps to prevent oxidation due to too much heat or UV light penetration.

The topmost layer comprises an elastomeric polymer substance that enables the material to maintain a natural shape once strained or applied. This functionality allows for the PPF to “self-heal” when light scratches occur. Future swirl marks on the paint job are reduced – which makes it a straightforward product for paint safety.

Car Paint Protection

Why Should You Use Car Paint Protection?

1. A Boost in Appearance

The most common explanation for paint protection coating is its ability to enhance your car’s paint’s gloss and shine, maintaining its appearance as good as new. Removing dirt from your vehicle becomes a routine task as the coating avoids the build-up of dirt and contaminants. 

When it comes to cleaning the car, you’ll find a big difference, because with the addition of paint protection coating over your car’s paint, running a cloth over your vehicle becomes a mere formality. This way, your vehicle always presents the most attractive version of itself at all times.  

2. Fights against External Damage

Car’s paint protection coatings provide insulation from gasoline-generated chemicals and contaminants, brake fluid, standard cleaners, etc. You don’t have to worry about the erosion of your car’s exterior pavement because the car coating sheet is there to protect it. It also serves as a defensive shield against UV rays that appear to be the most harmful for your vehicle, because these rays destroy the paint and trigger it to fade.

3. Increases Longevity

Your car’s original paint is preserved, with the application of these car coatings. They provide exceptional protection to the lower-layers and make sure that the exterior paint faces no damage.

It also acts as a scratch repeller. It doesn’t imply the fact that it makes the exterior entirely scratch-resistant. However, it is safe to say that your car won’t catch random scratches.

Why is Car Paint Protection Expensive?

Long-Lasting Performance

The paint applied in or on the vehicle is costly due to multiple reasons. The coating applied on a car will protect the vehicle for many years. So, it costs more due to its durability and long life. 

Similarly, car paint protection is the same as it gives a long-life to cars or for any vehicle. The use of advanced technology is increasing day by day, so the advancement in the development of new molecules and methods for coating is seen. Protection is an essential factor for those also who have the luxury or expensive cars. Therefore it requires high-quality products to protect them.

Attractive Benefits with Regards to Investment

Secondly, the car coating has its numerous benefits to offer to the automobile paints. From durability, quality, commendable in any weather, and many more, the paint has multiple advantages. It protects any car or vehicle from rusting just by its contamination of products. The car coating helps in getting away water, chemicals, pollutants, UV rays, scratches, and many more to maintain a vehicle in good condition. For the luxuries automobile, the glossy appearance is a must, and thus the car coating paint provides that also.

There is no harm in a product that has heavy price listings. What customers want and should duly get is a justification for the money demanded. In the same context, Permagard’s Reactive Polymer Coating shines out of all the other coatings. The reason is simple; you get more benefits compared to what you pay. The customer satisfaction rate, therefore, skyrockets. 

About Permagard’s Reactive Polymer Coating

If you venture into investing money for providing your car with the most premium car paint protection, you cannot overlook Reactive Polymer Coating by Permagard.

The hypoallergenic characteristics of Permagard’s Reactive Polymer Coating allow it to be used, in enclosed conditions such as cabins and cockpits by destroying germs at a non-microscopic stage rather than using alcohol, dehydration, or poison. This method of defense guarantees that bacteria and microbes from outside cannot infect the occupants of an automobile. 

You don’t want a recurring activity added to your daily routines that demands time on maintaining the car’s paint. If you are investing money into something, it should solve the purpose and bring you the best ROI (Return On Investment). The Reactive Polymer Coating, in this regard, is a notch above all of its competition. You would stop worrying about your car’s paint as soon as you get it covered by Permagard’s coveted offering.

Reactive Polymer Coating


A piece of advice regarding car coatings is that you should not try to apply them on yourself. There are many technicalities associated with its successful application, and it’s only wise to get things done by an expert in the domain. 

As for the car paint protection goes, getting it done on your car is the best way out to protect your car. The saying, “Prevention is Better Than Cure”, signifies the importance of being proactive and providing protection to your asset is always a wise decision anyways.

Permagard’s Reactive Polymer Coating, as mentioned before, is a one-stop, one-and-done solution for car protection. It is worth every penny spent, and the results are a testimonial to your investment.

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