How to Protect Your Car Paint?

Car Paint Protection

The life of a car is depicted by how well it is maintained. Everyone who owns a car wants that their car looks fresh and beautiful like the day it was bought. People tend to judge the cars by its paint and shine which tends to fade with time and low-maintenance.

One can consider reactive polymer treatment for their car’s exterior paint which makes it last longer. Permagard is the first to have such car paint protection technology which is highly recommended for luxury cars in India.


The major car paint problems are caused because some people do not take proper measures to protect their car paint. A car needs to be well protected, treated and waxed for long-lasting shine.  

Auto detailing, car coating and paint protection treatments are some key problem solvers. The life of your car vastly depends on its body maintenance which includes car paint, interior fabrics, and the engine.

Tips to protect your car paint

Some handy tips and a little knowledge about car paint protection can make your car paint last longer. The paint coating needs protection against bird droppings, scratches, and an invisible enemy: the car wash.

Protect your friend from birds and animals

It is scientifically proven that bird droppings and few animal excretions are harmful to the car paint. The longer they stay on the car paint, the greater is the damage. Also, the sticky films which are meant to protect the car are not useful and they can harm the car paint.

When the car is parked under a lime tree, they suck the sap from the leaves and secrete a sticky sugar, the process is termed as honeydew. Honeydew is composed of aphids that are severely harmful to the car paint. The film can also burn and stick itself to the car paint when exposed directly in the sunlight.

These damages are irreversible, so it is best to wash off these droppings or honeydew as soon as possible. Also, some insects stick to the car body which is a contributing factor for car paint damage. An insect repellent coating can be helpful as the insects are wiped away when the vehicle is washed.

Lack of care: ignorance leads to losses

The vehicle needs to wash regularly, at least weekly. If the car owners fail to do so, they are inviting irreversible damages to their car body and paint. Well, you can consider Premgard paint protection treatment for your car’s exterior. After the treatment, all you need is to wipe the car with a microfiber cloth and pair it with a weekly wash with Permagard shampoo.

The cars which get proper car regularly tend to last longer and are more resistant to the external damaging factors. A frequent wash of cars proves to be beneficial only when proper measures are taken, also the intervals between washing your car depend 100% upon its type and usage.

Find a perfect car wash: a life-saver for your friend

There are several types of car washing services available, but cloth and brush washing are mostly common. It is extremely important that when you visit the car wash you check the brushes and clothes nicely. The clothes and brushes can accumulate dust and sand particles in them which can damage the car paint to a very great extent.

It is important to note that the car wash itself is clean and ready to provide efficient services. A car wash must be followed by waxing as the wax seals the top coat of the paint and protects it from dust, rust and dirt accumulation.

It is important to note that the car wash itself is clean and ready to provide efficient services. A car wash must be followed by waxing as the wax seals the top coat of the paint and protects it from dust, rust and dirt accumulation. According to the experts, one must wax their car when the raindrops or the water droplets on the car do not drip off normally.

Weather also plays a very vital role, if you keep your car inside a garage the paint and wax protection lasts longer than when the car is parked under a tree or in open. You can consider reactive polymer treatment for your car paint protection as it serves you well in the long run.

Washing your car? Cloth washing and paint are friends’ forever

Some people prefer cleaning their vehicles on their own rather than visiting an auto detailing. Washing your car by your own hands is the best possible kindest way to wash it. The experts advise that you should use mild cleaning agents with low pH such as Permgard shampoo paired with a clean and soft sponge or cloth.

Also when you are using a pressure washer, a proper distance and pressure must be maintained. If the pressure is too high, it might damage the paint. The correct distance will be gentle to your hand as well as to the vehicle.

Your car needs makeup too

The shine of the car paint fades with time and it doesn’t seem as shiny as it was on day one also few light scratches pay you an unwanted visit, but these factors can be reversed and avoided if the car is protected with reactive polymer treatment which a one-time treatment that protects your car paint for a long time.

The car-polish contains micro-fine fibers that gently cleans and smoothens the surface without any damage. But you can avoid the daily labor of polishing your cars if you consider Permagard’s reactive polymer treatment which keeps your car paint intact and shiny for a very long time.

Repair the little flaws: scratch repair

Sometimes even after polishing your vehicle, some scratches are visible. These scratches can be treated by getting it touched up. You just need the correct color paint pens or spray cans, after that the scratch can be treated with immense care. It is often recommended to take your car to a trained specialist for scratch touch-ups.

Matt paint? Needs special treatment

It is said that matt paints need special care and treatment where polishing the car is an enemy. The abrasives in the polish damage the matt paint’s distinctive rough surface.

These special surfaces can also be damaged by car wash brushed and wax sealants as these give a smoothing effect which is totally opposite from the principles of matt paint.

It is recommended that you wash your vehicle with a pressure washer or by hand. The common metallic paints have a clean shiny topcoat that does not require special treatment.

Your car is a major part of your daily life, so you must take proper measures to take its care whether it is paint or interior. Better you care for your vehicle the better it will pay you off!

Car Paint Protection

Car Paint Protection Vehicles just need a little care and they stand by your side for years. Permagard’s technology is considered as the best car paint protection to a great extent in the paint protection sector and has brought a surface paint protection revolution in the automotive sector.

There are several paint protection technologies but the reactive polymer treatment is considered to be the best in terms of cost as well as efficiency, also it gives your car paint protection for a long period of time.

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