Top 15 Maintenance Tips That You Must Follow for Your Car to Last Longer

Car Maintenance Tips

A car plays a very crucial role in the daily lives of their owners. Each and every car owner in the world wants his/her car should have a long life, since the day it has been bought. Maintenance of the car plays a very important role in increasing the car’s life.

You must maintain a schedule to follow the maintenance of your car which results in your car performing its best. People in India treat their car as an equal family member and do not want to lose them in very few years.


Proper care and maintenance of your car can help it to give you company for years. Car care in India is not very pocket-friendly if you need to visit the maintenance station every few weeks, few handy tips and DIY tools might come in handy to cut short the expenses.

A weekly inspection is considered to be a great money saver, as you can identify the problems at earliest and sort them according to their attention duration, cutting short the expenses. A lot of people face issues related to the car paint wearing off or some scratches, these issues can be solved with less expense if you as a car owner inspect your car weekly and maintain the parts as required.

15 Major maintenance tips are listed below which can make your car last longer

  • Air filter check

A majority of car issues arise due to clogged air filters or loose fittings. The air filter is responsible for preventing dust particles from entering the engine space. The engine needs air during combustion and clogged air filters can lead to uninvited problems and poor performance. These air filters can be replaced by a mechanic or you can change and clean them by yourself, this would save a trip to the mechanic and some money.

  • Regular fluids and tire pressure check

The car fluids play a very important role in the car’s efficiency and desired performance. One must get into a habit of checking car fluids regularly. You do not need to visit a servicing station for doing so, you just require to open the hood when the engine is cool and remove the fluid dipstick, clean it and put it back again. When you pull the dipstick a fluid can be seen, you just need to make sure the oil fluid level is at the correct level. You also need to change the oil at regular intervals of time, the oil colour is to be checked regularly.

Tire pressure is known to be the basic block of an efficiently running car. Tire pressure should not be ignored as it affects the comfort and safety of the car. Checking tires regularly can save a lot of money and time. You must also check the steering fluids, hoses and belts regularly for any signs of wear.

  • Battery check

The battery check comprises checking the cables and their connection with the terminals. You must check for any leakage or build-up around the terminals. The battery is responsible for putting the ignition in the engine, a low battery can lead to uneasy situations like the car not starting even though everything is fine.

  • Change your spark plugs

Sometimes, spark plugs are the major contributing factor if your engine is not working as it should be. They must be checked regularly for any build-ups or wear. The car manuals have a section dedicated to when you need to change your spark plugs, stick to it. The spark plugs generally work well up to 30,000miles.

  • Drive safe and better

The better and safer you drive, the longer the car will last. Rough driving leads to wear and tear of the parts and it also leads to dismantled fittings.

  • Brakes check

Brake fail is a very rare problem, but sometimes brakes fail to work properly because the brake pads might be worn out or there is a leak in the brake fluid. You must keep the brake fluid reservoir in check.

  • Exterior cleaning of engine

Dust is the enemy of efficiency. You must clean your engine exteriors regularly to avoid dust build-ups in unwanted engine spaces.

  • Carry your automotive tools all times

One must carry the basic tools to face the problems which can be mended in a go.

  • Protect the interior and exterior of the car

A majority of the world’s population spend half of their time in their car and it seems to be their second home. The paint layer is responsible for keeping the car body rust free, one must keep the paint layers in check. Car paint protection plays a major role in the look and home-like feel of the car.

A clean and fresh interior will prove to be far comfortable for the driver while driving than any untidy car interior. The best possible way to maintain the car’s interior is that you take an extra hour every week to vacuum and other cleaning tasks for the car’s interior.

Keeping all the necessary gears at the same place makes the cleaning easier and faster. Some vehicles have leather seat covering which needs extra care and precaution to last longer. Some people also prefer anti-bacterial interior cleaning for their cars.

Maintenance of your car at your own level is a very good way to save the pennies in your wallet. You can keep your car new for years if you self-diagnose and mend it, that doesn’t only save your money but also proves to be a time saver and pushes away the last-minute crucial car repairing problems.

Sometimes do-it-yourself tips come handy to the car owners in case of minor maintenance needs. A few major issues can also be tackled if you as a car owner have the basic tools and know the tips of car maintenance. The DIY tools will help you a lot if you like to maintain and mend your car on your own without visiting a servicing and maintenance station.

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