Don’t Forget to Clean These Parts in Your Car

Do you agree that cleaning a car is a labor-intensive task as far as maintenance is concerned? But once everything is done, there is no other great feeling than the smell of a freshly clean car. interior and exterior car cleaning is critical to keep the car in good condition.

But do you believe that there are always some parts left to clean while cleaning your car? If yes, then do not worry!

While you might have the best intentions when you set out to clean the car, it is likely that you either overlook or forget to clean certain parts. It is ok if you do not know which spots you escape mistakenly to clean.

That’s why we have put up this blog. You will read about the parts that you need not forget while cleaning your car.


It is no wonder that with all the buttons, levers, and nooks, the dash goes unnoticed without cleaning. Do you know that buttons and knobs on the dashboard attract and collects dirt and dust? However, dashboard cleaning is a critical part of car cleaning.

Do you know? Amongst all the parts of car dashboard, steering wheels have 4 times more germs than a public toilet seat.

You can use Permagard Microfiber car cleaning cloth to clean the car interiors and areas like carpets and dashboard.

Why Microfiber Cloth?


Yes, you read it right! It is likely to forget to clean the carpets and floor mats of the car. The rug below the mats is full of crannies and nooks that contain dust, dirt, and foul smell. Pull the mats and clean the area below the pedals.

Do you know? Steering wheels, gear shift lever, driver’s seat floor, rear seats show a presence of 700 bacteria/10 square cm.


The car’s front seat’s sides and joints contain dust, dirt, and stains that are you often overlook. They are magnets for dirt, and all the little bits trap in between the seats when left uncleaned for a long time. Make sure to check these areas while cleaning the car.

Point to be noted: A child car seat with faecal residue 3 times above a healthy amount leaves the kid more susceptible to infections.

Can you believe a seat belt has 403 colony performing units (CPU) per square centimetre?


Let us accept that you often forget to clean the roof of your car. It is because it is tricky to clean the roof. You have to strain your arms while reaching above your head, and the soft fabric retains moisture that leads to a foul smell when not cleaned regularly.

Cabin air filter

You might be knowing that the car has an air filter that requires changing from time to time. It controls the air quality inside your car. It is worth checking on as it catches dust or debris while driving down the highway or street.

Car interior cleaning is not easy. There is much more in cleaning than does not meet your eyes. It is not easy to clean all the nooks and crannies from the car’s interior.

Remember, only removing dust and debris does not complete the cleaning process. Make sure that you eliminate even the germs and bacteria from the car. Car disinfecting or deep cleaning the car is an essential part of car cleaning that you should not skip.

Do you know 27% of car owners admit that their car stinks? It means that their car has germs and bacteria inside.

The average car interior is 2,1444 times dirtier than a smartphone that is equal to an average 200 infections per inch.

You can use Permagard’s Antimicrobial Shield to spray the car’s interior with a safe disinfectant.

  • Made using 99.999% instant advanced germ-killing technology.
  • The microscopic nanoparticles of the shield surround the pathogens and rupture the cells killing bacteria
  • Eliminates foul odor and keeps the car’s interiors fresh
  • Disinfectant is hypo-allergenic and non-toxic
  • Stops mildew and mold from growing
  • Removes viruses, bacteria, airborne germs, and pathogens


Your car needs thorough cleaning regularly. Without cleaning, all sorts of unwanted things like dust, food particles, and debris can make the interior look and smell bad. Do not overlook the critical parts while cleaning the car. Keeping the interior and engine parts clean and in good condition will help hold the car’s value for a long time.

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