How to maintain a stored car?

Imagine owning a car and not maintaining it. It does not sound great. Right? Maintenance often goes hand-in-hand with owning a car. But what about a car that you do not use quite often and store for most of the year?

With the second wave of Corona in the country, most of the commuting to work has been at a halt. Majority of the people are not using cars, except for occasional trips to supermarkets.

It may seem that if a car is not used frequently, it would not require regular upkeep like other cars. But that is not always true! If you just let your vehicle stand on the street or in a garage for a long time, you may return to a dead battery.

Don’t get shocked, but worse can also happen. You can witness a damaged engine or a rat’s nest under your hood on not maintaining the stored car.

Indeed, leaving a car unused for long time is not ideal but there are some steps that you can take to prepare your car for storage and minimize the risks.

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Car Cover

A fitted water-resistant and breathable car cover is the best alternative. A waterproof cover can trap moisture that will protect the car. However, any car cover has to be placed on a clean, dry car. Even a water-resistant cover can keep moisture underneath, which can destroy the car’s paint. Moreover, a cover tossed over a dirty car may cause smeared dirt to scratch the finish.

How to Prevent Automotive Rust
How to Prevent Automotive Rust

In case you do not prefer to cover your car, then you need to protect it from tree sap, bird droppings, and other debris that might fall daily. These are harmful for the car’s exterior paint and destroy its overall finish.

In such a case, use Permagard’s Reactive Polymer exterior protection.

  • To create a high-quality protective coating with a ultra-glossy finish that allows shine to last for years.
  • It prevent any fluid droplets from spreading over the surface.
  • Reactive Polymer resist grime build-up and dirt and negate the need for wax or polish.
  • To avoid harm to the car paint and protect it from oxidization.
  • It maintain car in a cost-effective and environmentally safe manner.
  • Reactive Polymer Coating protects against the bird lime, tree sap and industrial pollution.

Wash it often

If you keep your standing car under cover, do not forget to wash it once or twice a week. Washing becomes essential if your car is standing outside without any shade or cover. Start with deep cleaning your car from top to bottom. Wash it thoroughly to get rid of hard-to-remove dirt and debris.

Do not make the mistake of wiping the car with any random cloth you find. It will create minute scratches on the car that can damage the paint. The scratches will become more extensive and deeper with time.

Every year, we use almost 70% of water that a human being consumes throughout his life, that is, 14,600 Gallons to wash one car.

So, instead of wasting water on washing your car, why not find an alternative. You can use Permagard’s Microfiber Cloth to clean the car’s surface.

You now might be thinking why not use normal cloth for cleaning the car? Let me tell you that regular fabric cloth is not effective in picking up every particle of dirt or residue. And yes! It will scratch your car, damaging the overall finish. Common rags are too abrasive to be used on glass or body panels.

So, the best product to clean the car is Permagard’s Microfiber cloth.

Normal cloth Permagard microfiber cloth
Cloth is natural fiberMicrofiber is made up of blend of polyester-nylon
It is less fineIt is very fine as much as 1/3rd of cotton fiber’s diameter
It pushes debris and dirt instead of pickingIt is highly absorbent. Pick and removes even soil from the car’s surface
It dries slowly and leaves lint behindIt has long life span and lint-free

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Protect the Battery

Do you know that a battery will eventually lose its charge if the car is not driven for more than two weeks? All you need to do is connect the battery to a trickle charger. It needs to have an automatic float mode or shut-off feature. It will ensure that the battery does not gets overcharged. You can let the battery inside the vehicle or remove it while hooked up to the battery tender.

Leaving a car without driving drains the car’s battery. It does not allow the battery to charge and causes it to strain.

Inflate the Tires

The tires of the car will slowly lose pressure on being sitting for a long time. It is because of the temperature change. So, it will be a good idea to inflate your tires to the recommended air pressure. You can repeat the process of taking the car out of storage.

Do you know that brakes and wheels also get jammed if the car is not used for months? Moreover, living near a coastal area make these car parts more prone to faster corrosion.

Fill Up the Fuel Tank

You can protect the car from rust by filling the car with quality petrol and add some fuel additives. Make sure to seal the tank appropriately. It will help to stop moisture from entering the tank and prevent rusting.

A car standing for a long time can cause rusting on the inside of the fuel tank.

Disinfect the Car

Keeping your car stored for a long time will invite germs and bacteria into it. It will help if you keep the car virus and bacteria-free by disinfecting it. Clean the interiors properly and remove all the trash from the car before keeping it stored for a long time.

You can use Permagard’s Antimicrobial Shield.

  • Comes with 99.99% germ-killing technology.
  • It provides long-term protection with non-toxic and hypo-allergenic properties.
  • It creates an invisible barrier to eliminate harmful bacteria and microbes within the car’s cabin.
  • Microfiber Cloth will keep your car’s interiors fresh whenever you restart it again.
  • The shield is safe for families, environment, and pets.


Whether you are not at home for a long time or doing work from home, whatever the reason might be, the above tips will help you maintain the car. They will increase the possibility to avoid a car service as soon as you wish to use it once again. You can use Permagard’s products like Microfiber Cloth, Car Paint Protection, and Anti-Microbial Shield to witness the best car maintenance results.

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