Common Car Detailing Mistakes Most People Do

A regular car wash can help you get rid of the surface dirt. But do you know that it cannot remove the ingrained dust from the car? Here, it would help if you consider deep cleaning your car. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can go ahead and do the car detailing yourself.

Today’s car detailing products have everything that you want, from waxes to washes. These ensure that your painstaking efforts to car detailing do not go waste. All you need is patience and care for deep cleaning the car.

You might end up wasting your time and efforts if you do not know whether you are cleaning the car correctly or not. A spotless interior and a gorgeous glow are all yours if you avoid common car detailing mistakes.

We have brought together a blog that talks about the car detailing mistakes you do.

Over Waxing

Do you know that a wax coating on the car makes it shine and protects it from oxidation? Wax also protects the car’s paint and keeps it fresh. It keeps the dirt particles and dust away from getting embedded in the paint. However, it would help if you avoid over waxing. Too many layers of car wax will make the paint appear cloudy. Instead, you need only two wax coats, one for the foundation while the other is a backup. Any further coat will get wiped off with buffing.

Spray wax or hand-applied wax – which is better? Spray wax might damage your car. The spray’s pressure can grind leftover debris or dirt into the paint.
Hand-applied wax allows the person to apply the wax to areas that require more attention and are duller. High-quality hand wax is probably the best way to preserve the car’s value.

Using Wrong Towels

Most people assume that they can use an old towel or dish rag to wipe down your car. An ordinary cloth will cause minute scratches that can damage the car’s paint. The scratches will be widespread in the long term.

Old towels also do not eradicate dirt and can leave swirl marks. Also, do not use the same towel you used to clean up dirt to dry while car detailing.

So, what can one use in place of an old towel to clean the car?

You can use Permagard’s Microfiber Cloth.

Permagard’s Microfiber Cloth has soft sewn edges that eliminate chances of scratching and has super absorbent properties. It does not need expensive chemicals to carry out the best cleaning of the car.

Washing Car in Direct Sunlight

While using exterior car detailing products, you will notice that almost every product will suggest not to apply under direct sunlight. Please avoid washing the car in direct sunlight or when it is too hot. It is because the washing liquid will dry faster, leaving behind water spots or swirl marks.

The mineral deposits in the water will prove harmful to your car’s paint. However, there is no specific time to wash the car, but it is always safe to wash the car in the shade and wipe off the surface quickly.

Cleaning Wheels Last

Do you keep wheel cleaning the last on the list? If yes, then you are making a big mistake. Instead, keep washing the wheels on top of the list. You might agree that the wheels are the dirtiest parts of your car. Aren’t they? If you are cleaning the wheels last, your jet spray will likely sprinkle water on the paint.

The more the car’s paint will get splashed with water, the more you will need to wipe it. Why do so much rework? Instead, clean the wheels first and then the car paint.

Using Dish Soap

Substituting dishwashing liquids in place of car washing shampoo is one of the common mistakes in car detailing. If you think dishwash soap used to clean the plates from oils will serve the same purpose in the car, you are wrong. Dishwashing liquids have acidic elements that are harmful to the car’s paint. It breaks down the car’s wax coating, giving the car a dull look.

The average pH levels of standard dish soap range from (0 – 6) non-acidic (7) neutral and (8-13) acidic.

Do not make the mistake of using dishwashing soap.

How Can I Deep Clean the Car?

You can use Permagard Shampoo.

Permagard Automotive Shampoo

Permagard Shampoo is a pH-neutral shampoo designed to use on treated surfaces. It gives a rich and tender gloss with a brilliant glow.

Removing Odour

We often forget to remove foul odour from the car’s interiors while car detailing.  Foul smell in the car is mainly due to leather seats that are not maintained regularly, unclean carpets, and trash not cleaned for a long time. Clean all the parts thoroughly to maintain freshness within the car. Odour also comes with a lot of bacteria and germs inside the car.

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Do you know an average vehicle holds around 800 different types of bacteria that spread throughout surfaces and AC systems?

All you need is Permagard’s Anti-microbial shield to remove the odour and instant freshness.


No doubt, car detailing demands hard work, but DIY is one of the most fulfilling tasks you do for your car. You only have to give ample time and do it the right way. Ensure that you do not make the mistakes highlighted above.

Use Permagard Vehicle Care products like Microfiber Cloth, Shampoo, and Anti-microbial Shield to successfully accomplish the car detailing task. The products will assure effective car detailing all by yourself.

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