Don’t Ignore These Tips for Cleaning Your Car at Home

how to clean car at home

We don’t always take our car to the service center to get it cleaned. Some of us like to give the car a good wash at home and see it sparkle as it does in the service centers. 

But do we get the same results? That’s debatable, isn’t it? Some of us just don’t seem to be able to get it right. Well, that’s because we are following the wrong method. If you search for how to clean car at home, you will see countless blogs on the internet. You might even see contradicting advice. 

To make things hassle free for you, we’ve brought you a list of five tips you should never ignore when cleaning your car at home.

Take a look at the tips to see why it’s essential to know the right procedure for cleaning your car.

Start with the Wheels

How often have you cleaned the car first and went to tackle the wheels at the end? This is the first mistake many of us make. When you clean the wheels at the end, you’ll notice a splatter of mud and dirt on the freshly cleaned exteriors. That’s because we cannot clean the wheels without messing up the surroundings. 

Now, if you start with the wheels, you don’t have to worry about the dirt ruining the car’s exterior again. The best car cleaning tips emphasize that you should always start cleaning the car from its wheels. That way, you save time and energy spent on wiping the car again and again.

car cleaning tips

Don’t Use Dish Wash Soap

Dish wash soap has been created to get rid of the oily stains from utensils. The liquid has a higher acidic content, which effectively eliminates the cooking oil and its smell. But your car paint is different. You won’t use something so strong to wipe the car paint. The acidic nature will harm the paint, and your car will lose its original shine. So, the question is how to clean car exterior then?

Use the shampoos that have been specifically made for the car wash. And if you’ve got car paint protection using polymer technology, you will need to follow the exact instructions given by the service provider. No substitutes, please.

Location of Car Wash

Why is the location important? Well, working under the sun or near a dust source is neither good for the car nor your health. Cleaning the car will take time and patience. You will feel less tired if you do it under a shade and away from traffic or pollution. 

Washing the car under a tree may not be a good idea as well. Bird droppings are going to make it a messy job. Find an open space with a roof overhead. Park the car in the centre so that you can move around while cleaning the car. Don’t forget to use the best cloth to clean car exterior. You will need a Permagard microfiber cloth to remove the fine dust particles from the surface without damaging the car paint. 

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Odor Removal 

Cleaning the interiors of the car is equally important. You don’t want to sit in a shiny car that stinks of sweat and old perfume, right? The insides of your car are filled with bacteria and germs. Be it the AC vent or the seats or dashboard, or the door handles. Every surface and every corner of the car is a home for germs. The best way to get rid of the odour, the dirt, and the germs is by using the Permagard Anti1-microbial Shield. 

permagard antimicrobial shield

Made using Lysis technology that kills 99.99% of the germs, bacteria, and other microscopic organisms, the Permagard Anti-microbial Shield coats the surface with nanoparticles that pierce and rupture the cells of the harmful bacteria and keep the car’s interior free of odor, mold, or germs. It is alcohol-free and doesn’t cause any health issues for you and your loved ones.

Permagard Edgeless Microfiber Cobra Towel

We’ve talked about microfiber cloth, didn’t we? You can use it to clean the car’s exterior and interiors. The best microfiber cloth for car cleaning is undoubtedly Permagard Edgeless Microfiber Cobra Towel made using soft and non-abrasive microfiber material, which absorbs 8 times its weight. You can reuse the microfiber cloth after a wash. Ensure you follow the washing instructions (and do not use any chemicals). 

The Permagard microfiber cloth also add traps the tiniest particles of dirt, germs, bacteria, etc., without damaging the surface. You won’t have to worry about dirt particles causing scratches on the car paint.


Using the right products is vital when cleaning the car at home. Check Permagard’s website to buy all the items you need to give your car a wonderful wash at home. 

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