Do You Really Need Paint Protection for Your Car?

What is the first thing that catches your eye when you look at a car? For us, it is the glossy finish over the car paint. Imagine looking at your reflection on a shiny, polished car’s surface. Don’t you think it brings a smile on your face? Yes, it does.


A new car in the showroom glitters and shimmers, attracting all your attention. But once you bring your car onto the road, it doesn’t take long for the shine to wear off. Before you realize it, your car will start to look old, even if it is still new. That doesn’t sound good, right?

Car Paint Protection Coating

How Car Paint Gets Damaged

How does the car paint end up dull, faded, and lifeless? Why does it happen when you are taking good care of your car? 

Below are some of the main factors that affect the beauty of our car’s exterior.  

Sunlight plays a major spoilsport. Oh, yes. How often have you left your car outside for hours at a stretch? The UV rays from the sunlight start to work their way into the car paint and weaken it. 

Pollution is another vital factor. Whether you are driving for hours in traffic or simply parking your car where vehicular fumes are common, your car paint is getting exposed to all sorts of chemical releases. That is hardly going to do it any good, right? 

Changing climatic conditions are also a reason. Yep. When seasons change, the temperatures change. And this affects the car paint in a bad way. 

Stains and dirt do their bit. Muddy roads, dirt, dust, rainwater, oils, grease, etc., can stain the car paint. When you exert pressure to wash off the tough stains, you remove a layer of paint with the stain. This will make your car look patchy and old. 

Cuts, nicks, and scratches cannot be avoided. You might be extremely alert while driving your car, but there is no guarantee that the others will do the same. Your car could end up with a nasty scratch without your fault. Ouch, right?

Need For Paint Protection

With so many things competing to harm your car paint, is there any reason to avoid going for paint protection? We think not. Car paint protection, in simple terms, is applying a protective coating over the car’s exterior. This will act as a shield to save the car paint from being harmed. The transparent protective coating will increase the lifespan of the car paint and make sure that the paint doesn’t lose its initial brightness. 

Reactive Polymer Technology

Of course, for that to happen, you will need to get paint protection immediately after you buy your car. 

So, does that mean you can’t get your old car paint protected? You sure can. Just talk to the service provider. 

We can see that you have another important question here. What kind of paint protection should you choose? Wax, ceramic, or polymer?

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A reactive polymer coating uses chemical bonding technology/ defence mechanism that repels pollutants, dirt, and dust while preventing the UV rays from reaching the paint. It also protects the paint from the scratches and marks by standing in the way. The reactive polymer coating is safe to use doesn’t cause any health hazards either.  

Permagard for Car Paint Protection

It is clear that reactive polymer painting is the best option for car paint protection. But where and how should you get it done? 

Permagard has recently started its operations in India and has been offering reactive polymer coating for paint protection to keep your car’s exterior safe, shiny, and new. You only need to get the polymer coating applied once. 

The company offers maintenance programs to customers and a warranty of 5 years to customers who sign up for the annual maintenance programs. The technicians from Permagard will deep clean the polymer coating and apply a fresh round of coat if you have got the car painted in any area. 

Is it going to be costly? No. Permagard’s polymer coating doesn’t like water, nor does it attract chemicals. It doesn’t need to be cleaned using harsh methods. Remember that Permagard is not wax or ceramic coating. It is a reactive polymer coating and doesn’t need regular waxing or polishing. It is easy to clean and maintain. So, naturally, over time, you will be spending fewer amounts on maintenance. 


Living in a world with pollution, harsh sunlight, and dangers, you definitely need paint protection for your car. So, you want for your car to look like it’s been through a hurricane, right? Visit Permgard’s service centers or check out the website for more information about reactive polymer coating for car paint protection.

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