Car Care Tips for Winters – Your Car needs Extra Care to Survive the Cold

Is it just too much cold out here?

Ummm.. We’ll say Indians enjoy more than that.

Believe it or not, we Indians have special moments during winter season.

Getting smoke from mouth in chilly mornings to sipping hot tea at the start of the day and enjoying a cozy sleep at night with the warmest of blankets upon us, we make sure we get the most comfort during this season.

All Indians will even laugh and tell you how they used to draw a smiley on the glasses of cars during foggy mornings of winters, while they were kids. Glasses of those cars became the canvas for the naughty artists inside us.

And this brings us to a new blog specially dedicated to

“Car Care Tips during Winter Season in India”.

Winter Season in India starts from around Mid-November, and lasts for about 3-4 Months till February. The Northern part of the country is coldest, with temperatures averaging from 10-15 degree Celsius. In North India, December and January are the coldest Months. In North India, even frost and fog is a common feature.

So Let’s Get Started.
India’s No.1 Car Care Brand, Permagard India brings you

“10 Super Easy Tips for Car Care during winters in India”.

1. Car Paint Protection:

The Shiny Gloss on a new car makes it look so beautiful. But with time, when the car exteriors get touched by the 4 seasons, it’s obvious that the paint undergoes drastic changes. These changes may not be visible instantly, but may show fading and rust on the paintwork, eventually.

Well, temperatures during winter mornings, dip low on scale. And fog and the morning dew may lead to formation of nitric and sulfuric acids. This formation spoils the exterior paint gradually.

Here, we’ll recommend you to wash or clean our car daily.

If you still want expert assistance then explore a good car exterior treatment, that gives your car’s painted surface a super hydrophobic efficiency.

car paint protection

You can even learn more about Permagard India’s Car Exterior Treatment here.

2. Tire Checkup:

Car Tires in winter need proper pressure and right inflation.

For this, we’ll recommend you to find about the recommended tire pressure from your car owner’s manual. As, it has been noted, that tire pressure drops with a drop in temperatures.

As a matter of fact, with a drop of 10 Degrees in Air Temperature, there’s a loss of 454 grams per square inch (psi) of tire pressure.

But that doesn’t means that you have to overinflate your tires. Over inflation will make the tires skid on roads while driving on slippery roads. And on the other hand, an underinflated tire will never give the required grip.

So, it’s better to reduce the tire pressure by a few per square inches (psi) to gain good traction while driving in wet conditions.

And it always pays to keep a spare tire ready in your car.

If you still want to know more about your car tire’s condition,

then please visit a good car care center near you.

3. Engine Checkup:

Common advice everywhere says that you should leave the car engine idle for a few minutes after starting it.

We’ll advise you to even check the engine oil and get it changed, if required.
As lower temperatures may even gum up the fluids and make the engine oil thicker.

So, getting an engine check-up performed in advance will ensure peace of mind, every time you are travelling to places with low temperatures.

BONUS FACT: You’ll find engine oils in market that are specially made for use during low temperatures.

4. Antifreeze/Coolant:

Coolant is a green colored liquid present in the engine. This liquid ensures that the temperature inside the engine is always regulated. In simple words, it makes sure that the car engine works at its best
during all seasons.

For instance, this coolant keeps the engine cool during summers.
And in winters, it works as an antifreeze that ensures the engine never freezes up or gets jammed.

coolent and engine protection

So, we’ll advise you to maintain a right level of this coolant that takes care of your car’s engine and also regulates the antifreeze level during Indian winters.

5. Air Conditioner:

Car Air Conditioner helps in circulating the air inside the car and also helps in demisting the windscreen.

And there are more benefits of using Car AC during winters:

  • Removes Moisture from air
  • Helps keep windows and windshield clear of steam and frost
  • Prevents Growth of mold and bacteria in the AC Vents

So, your car’s air con also plays the role of a dehumidifier during winters.

10 super easy car care tips for winter

6. Lights:

Weak or flickering lights will give you a hard time during winters. Poor visibility issues may even lead to accidents.

You’ll even observe that cold weather creates fog and using high beam will reflect all that light and strain your eyes.

So, it’s recommended to use fog lamps and low beam of your car’s headlight.

And for safe & comfortable driving, please ensure that headlights, taillights, fog lamps, turn signals, brake lights, flashers and back up lights are all working in good condition.

Moreover, as a precautionary measure, check for burnt out bulbs, in both, inside and outside lights and get them replaced in advance for winter season.

7. Doors and Windows:

In winters, the Car Doors make a squeaky sound while opening and closing. Sometimes they’ll even get jammed.

For this issue, we’ll recommend you to apply a good lubricant on the door joints

And when it comes to car windows and windshields, we see the formation of fog, mist and smoke on them. This happens mostly during early mornings and evenings.

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This fog hampers the visibility for car driver.

Our experts always advise car owners to use lukewarm water
for cleaning the windows, windshields and wing mirrors.

Plus, the best idea is to always keep a microfiber car cleaning cloth ready with you, because of its’ super absorbent capacity that cleans these surfaces faster than other materials like tissue paper, newspaper, etc.

8. Battery Checkup:

If your car’s electrical systems do not function properly, then this problem is either due to battery damage or loose terminals and connections.

But the fact is, car battery has distilled water in it.
This fluid helps in smooth flow of current. If this distilled water goes thick or freezes, then the cells inside the battery may get damaged. So, its’ advisable to visit a good car mechanic and ask him to perform a check on battery health.

On the other hand, if the car battery is discharged, then you can get it back to fully charged state or get it replaced with a new and good quality car battery.

9. Brakes:

As the winters vary in whole of north India, so do the temperatures.
You’ll witness snow in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.
But you’ll feel more of cold waves in Rajasthan and Delhi.

In these snowy and wet conditions, a car owner will have to use car brakes more often than usual while commuting by these wet roads.

Here our experts always recommend car owners to check the brake pads and brake calipers. So it’s better to check the fitness of brake pads.

And for brake callipers, we’ll suggest you to get them cleaned and greased at a Good Car care Center near you.

10. Cleaning:

We give topmost priority to car cleanliness and hygiene and that’s the reason why we saved this tip for the final leg of this blog.

Its’ only after Covid-19 that we realized the importance of hygiene for all our spaces.
So, we’ll recommend you to keep a DIY car sanitation kit ready with you at all times.

microfiber car cleaning cloth

Although, this concept is quite new to India, but you’ll feel amazed to know that India’s No.1 Car Care brand, “Permagard India” has launched India’s First ever DIY Car Sanitation Kit that has 4 absolutely awesome products:

  • 1 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: A super absorbent car cleaning cloth that absorbs 8 times of its own weight. And its’ specially made for cleaning of car surfaces.
  • 1 Hand Sanitizer Foam: To clean your hands quickly while stepping in and outside the car. Plus, its’ Non-alcoholic too.
  • 10 Wipes: These are Cleaning Wipes that are again alcohol free and can be used on skin as well as surfaces.
  • 1 Surface Disinfectant Spray: Comes with an easy to use trigger that sprays the disinfectant upon all surfaces and niche of the car interiors. And it goes a long way to protect the travelers against airborne contaminants and virus strains.


And now we have shared all the car care tips for winter to make sure that your car delivers best performance even during the Indian winters.

We hope you enjoyed this blog.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family,
Who love their cars, the same way you do.

If you have more questions related to this blog, then please drop your word in the comments section.

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