How to Clean Your Car’s Air Conditioning Units

Do you find that sometimes your car’s air conditioner is not pumping out enough air? It could be because of a blockage that is usually caused by a build-up of debris and dust. If dust is left uncleaned for a long time, it will block the vents.

Harmful substances and solids can form in the refrigerant circuit that can lead to component damage. Here comes the need to clean the car’s air-conditioner. Are you thinking of taking your car to the nearest authorized center to get the AC cleaned? But how about the idea of cleaning the AC by yourself?

After one or two years, you will feel slight suffocation on running the car’s AC. It is because the car AC is not working effectively. It is time to service the car’s AC.

Do not worry! Read the blog that we have put together for you. Here is a handy guide on how to clean car’s AC by yourself.

Wipe the Vents

Let me tell you that wiping the vents is not easy. It is hard to reach the vents’ inner parts where dust accumulates through the tiny slit in the vent. Some vent grills are easily removable so that you can lift the panel off to clean the vent and area behind it thoroughly.

The mold in air conditioning can cause respiratory issues if the vents are left uncleaned for a long time. It can also cause headaches and drowsiness, stuffy nose or cold, allergic, and bacterial infections.

How to Clean Car Ac

Polluted air in car AC vents can cause allergies that can be harmful to people who have asthma.

Clean the Cabin Filter

It is a bit tricky to clean the cabin filter as it differs from one car to another. Usually, it is situated behind the glove compartment. Do not forget to remove all the items in the glove compartment. Remove all the pegs that connect the compartment to the dashboard. Disconnect it carefully so that you have access to the cabin filter.

Pull the cabin filter out and clean with an air compressor to blow off the dust. Make sure to spray it with a disinfectant and pull it back.

The growth of bacteria, micro-organisms, and fungi causes an unpleasant odour when you turn on your car’s air conditioning system.

The average vehicle holds up to 800 different microscopic organisms that spread through air conditioning systems and surfaces.

You can use Permagard’s Anti-Microbial Shield. The shield protects the car and passengers even at the microscopic level.

Anti Microbial Shield By Permagard
  • Permagard’s Anti Microbial Shield treatment uses advanced germ-killing technology to kill almost 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.
  • Lysis technology traps and kills viruses and germs by deflating cell membrane of microbes and eradicating them.
  • It is safe to use for the passengers, and the microbes from outside cannot impact the passengers sitting in the car.
  • It is non-toxic and hypo-allergic.
  • It stops the growth of moss and mildew, preventing the germs from multiplying
  • It keeps the car’s interior fresh by eliminating bad odour

Wipe the Fans

How to find whether the AC compressor is working properly or not? If the temperature inside the cabin is high, it implies that the compressor is not working to the extent that it should work.

A damaged compressor does not regulate refrigerant adequately.

Ensure that your car’s engine is turned off for some time. Look for the car’s air conditioner fan that is generally located behind the condenser itself. Wipe the fan blades if you can reach the fan. And yes! Remember to put it all back together.

Spray the Condenser

Another big challenge in cleaning the car’s AC is cleaning the condenser. It is a mesh-like part that is present just behind the front bumper. Some cars will require you to remove the bumper to access the condenser. But do you know what the good part is? Once you access it, you will only have to spray the condenser with water.

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It will clean off the dirt and dust. Air-dry the condenser completely. Do not wet the other wires in the engine bay as it may lead to a short circuit.

Did you know that the refrigerant gas in the condenser is known as Freon. The kinetic energy of the gas increases as a result of compression, making it hot.


So, it is clear that you must not overlook or delay cleaning the car AC. There are symptoms like foul odour, unusual noises, and hot air blowing from the AC that show that it requires service. Follow the above steps, and you will be able to clean the car AC by yourself easily.

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