How to Clean Your Car’s Interior

Washing and cleaning the car’s exterior is something most of us anyway do (or get it done). But what about the interiors? Isn’t cleaning the inside of the car equally important? After all, we sit in the car, right?

The interiors gather a lot of dirt and bacteria every day. Sweat, pollution, kids, pets, bags, books, and what not contributes to this dirt. Car interior cleaning is essential if you want to avoid attracting allergies and compromise your health. 

But remember that cleaning the insides of a car is not just about removing the magazines and covers and vacuuming the place for a minute or two. You will need to be thorough with the process to ensure that the germs and bacteria lurking in the hidden corners are wiped off.

So, shall we take a look at the tips to properly clean a car’s interior? 

  • Pick Out the Trash and Vacuum 

Naturally, the first step would be to clean the trash before you start vacuuming. Remove the wrappers, straws, toys, and any other item that is likely to jam the vacuum cleaner. 

Next, vacuum the seats and floor mats (you can take off the floor mats and wash them separately if they are too dirty) to get rid of dirt, hair, and other such particles. 

  • Wipe Away the Dirt 

Stains and sticky substances will have to be removed using a bit of force. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe tough stains and contaminants on the dashboard, windows, steering, cup holders, and seats. Getting rid of stains is a big headache, isn’t it? 

What if you can prevent the stains from forming on the seats or the dashboard? What if you can increase the lifespan of the material and also make it look as good as new for years? Wouldn’t it be wonderful? Take a look at the next point to see how it’s possible. 

  • Interior Protection Coating 

Car interior protection is now an easy job, thanks to Permagard’s Copolymer interior coating. You cannot compromise on the car interior cleaning while taking full care of the exteriors. Be it the floor mats or the seats or dashboard, or other items, the material will be exposed to sunlight, pollution, dirt, sand, and bacteria each time you use the car. 

car interior protection

In the case of pets or kids, you need to be even more careful about hair and spills. If juice or coffee were to spill on a seat cover, the liquid would settle into the material and cause a stain. It will also damage the material from the inside and weaken it. 

But by adding a car protective coating over the seat covers, you can create a barrier between the material and dirt to prevent stains. Be it leather or vinyl or fabric or plastic, Permagard’s Copolymer interior coating will cover the surface of the material and prevent harmful contaminants from damaging it. Not just that, the copolymer coating will also add a layer of gloss to the interiors to make them appear shiny and new. 

  • Clean the Air- Freshen Up the Interiors 

Once you are done applying the Copolymer interior coating, you will need to get rid of the smell inside the car. Our sweat, perfumes, food items, etc. release different smells that get stuck inside the car.

Leaving the car doors open for a while will help but not much. The bacteria will still be very much active inside the car and cause allergies. 

Use Permagard’s Anti-microbial shield to disinfect the car at a micro-level. A single car can have up to 800 kinds of microscopic contaminants that spread throughout the interiors. AC vents are one such place where you’ll find a lot of harmful bacteria. Though there are other air sprays, most of them are made of alcohol as a base. 

Anti microbial shields

But the anti-microbial shield by Permagard is made using water as a base and doesn’t contain alcohol. It is completely safe and instantly kills 99.9% of the bacteria using Lysis technology that attacks the cell membranes of the germs and viruses.

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The microscopic nanoparticles of anti-microbial shield pierce the pathogens and kill them to prevent them from spreading over the car’s interiors and causing mold/ bacterial growth. 


In simple steps, you can protect the car’s interiors and keep the space free of germs and bacteria. Permagard’s products are recommended by many top car manufacturers. The antimicrobial shield treatment can lasts long, even when you regularly clean the car afterward. The copolymer interior coating repels stains (due to chemicals, food, salts, hard water alkaline, etc.) and prevents damage from harsh UV rays. 

Protect your car and your loved ones by investing in the right car care products. Contact Permagard today for more information. 

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