Is Ceramic Coating Good for Your Car?

Is Ceramic Coating Good for Car

Every car owner wants their car to look stunning all the time? Right? Until now, you might have tried the basic cleaning stuff like monthly waxing and daily washing to get rid of stains, marks, dirt, scratches, and whatnot.

So, how to resolve the problem? You need to have a solution that can make your car look fantastic with little  maintenance. You need a product that can save your car from oxidation and chemical menace; something that protects from environmental hazards and makes car washing easier.

Good news! There is a product that can add significant value to the car. It is ceramic coating. But before making a final buying decision, let us read some facts about ceramic coating. The blog will give you detailed insights into it.

What is ceramic car coating?

A ceramic coating comes in liquid polymer form and is applied to the car’s exterior. The coating creates a semi-permanent and permanent bond with the car’s factory paint, creating a protective layer. The paint does not wash away and not require application repeatedly every few months.

It is applied in a liquid form and creates a hard layer on top of the paint. Ceramic car coating adds additional protection to the car’s exterior and makes it look new. It achieves the result by making the car easier to clean and more resilient.

Do you know what ceramic coating is composed of? It consists of silicon dioxide (SiO2 or silica). Some brands also contain titanium dioxide (TiO2, titania) that acts as an additional hardening agent.

Advantages of ceramic coating for car

Protects from UV damage:

The paint of a car that is exposed to the sun for regular periods will begin to oxidize and either fades or starts appearing dull. The ceramic coating protects the car’s paint from UV rays and reduces the oxidization amount.

Protects from chemical stains:

Chemical staining from naturally acidic contaminants damages the car’s paint. The chemical-resistant surface that ceramic coating creates keep some contaminants from bonding with the car’s paint. As a result, the car will be more resistant to etching and staining. You need to remove the contaminant timely.

Advantage of ceramic car coating

Eases cleaning:

A significant feature of ceramic coating is that it is hydrophobic. It means that it repels water. Water will drip on the car’s surface and slide off easily due to the coating. Mud and grime will not bond quickly with the car’s paint.  Washing the car will remove the contaminants easily.

Enhances gloss:

Another advantage of ceramic coating is that it gives the car a glossy look that brings the best out of the original paint. It makes the car spotless and ageless.

Improves durability:

A ceramic car coating bonds with the car paint’s molecular structure. It means that it works harder to protect the surface than ordinary paint. Thus, it lasts longer and increases the car’s durability.

Do you know the industry trends of ceramic coating? The market size of ceramic coating was around USD 9.3 billion in 2019. It is expected to show a growth rate of approximately 8.1% from 2020-2026.

Disadvantages of ceramic car coating

Every product comes with some drawbacks. Some disadvantages of ceramic car coating are listed below –

Disadvantage of ceramic car coating

No protection from swirl marks:

Ceramic car coating does not ensure complete safety of the car from threats like scratches, rock chips, and swirl marks. It retains some features of the paint despite having blending properties.

Less safety from water spotting:

Ceramic coating on the paint spills the water and it slide off the car surface to some extent. However, the ceramic coat still contains some soluble particles and natural minerals. These stay on the surface after water gets evaporated.

Needs washing:

Yes, ceramic car coating gives the car a new look with minimal maintenance. But that does not mean that you do not have to wash the car regularly. Even with ceramic coating, you will have to wash the car regularly to maintain its looks.

Do you know when to use ceramic coating? The ceramic coating should be applied after you wash the car thoroughly. Ensure not to leave any dirt, contaminants, and oily films on the car as the coating will not seal properly.

Ceramic car coating cost

A professional car coating cost based on the package that you select. The cost goes up as you increase the number of services or car coating quality. It is better to get the ceramic coating done by trained professionals. The process usually takes 1-5 days, based on the paint’s original condition.

Do you know the impact of improper application of ceramic coating on your car? It can leave spots, streaks, horrible reflections, and hazing. So, be careful if you DIY ceramic coating on the car.

Thus, ceramic car coating is worth your money. It has multiple benefits that add value to the car. It makes car cleaning and maintenance less tedious.  

Permagard paint protection

  • Permagard’s paint protection film uses advanced Reactive Polymer Technology.
  • It safeguards the car’s exterior from airborne pollutants, UV rays, scratches, dirt, and rust.
  • The coating is hydrophobic, having a corrosion protection mechanism.
  • It costs less than ceramic coating and lasts longer.
  • Permagard’s coatings contain polar amines having a positive charge. These attract negatively charged substrates that are found in paints.

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Do you know? Permagard’s paint protection film is famous because of its eco-friendly formula. The reactive polymer coating is biodegradable and does not harm the car and people who use it.


The key to retaining a car’s look is regular maintenance. If you are a car fanatic and wish to add value to the car, then go for ceramic car coating. It will do wonders to your car paint, giving it a glossy look. It will relieve you from the worries of regular maintenance, thus, making cleaning easier.

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