Paint Protection Film VS Ceramic Coating, Which is Better?

paint protection film vs ceramic coating, which is better

The best way to protect the car’s exterior is by adding a protective layer over the car’s paint. This will ensure that the paint doesn’t get affected by pollution, harmful UV rays, changing seasons, dirt, mud, and scratches. Car paint protection film is essential if you want your car to have the same shine and gloss even after years of use. Getting the protective coating immediately after purchasing your car is recommended. However, you can go for car paint protection for your older cars as well. 


If you visit a car care center or a service center, you will realize that there are different ways to protect the car’s exterior. Teflon coating, ceramic coating, a paint protection film (PPF), etc., are the three regularly used methods. Ceramic coating and PPF have gained a lot of attention in recent times. Many car owners get confused between these two. 

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So which one among these is the best? What is the best way to protect your car’s exterior? Let’s compare ceramic coating and paint protection film in detail.

What is Ceramic Coating? 

The ceramic coating comes in liquid form. It is a tiny bottle of liquid polymer applied over the entire outer surface of the car to append a protective layer to the car’s paint and keep it safe. The ceramic coating is hydrophobic, which means that it doesn’t like water and will not let it stay on the surface of the car. 

If there are any stains on the car, you’ll find it easy to wash them off the ceramic coating as it doesn’t let the particles seep through and stick to the paint. If done right, the ceramic coating can last for a decent time. However, it is also quite expensive. Depending on the car’s size and model, you will have to shell out anything between Rs. 10,000/- and Rs. 30,000/-. The price also varies based on the service center you approach for the job. 

What is Paint Protection Film?

Let’s talk about the paint protection offered by Permagard. The company has created a patented paint protection solution using advanced Reactive Polymer technology. 

The protective coating will safeguard the car’s exterior from UV rays, airborne pollutants, salts, alkaline, scratches, rust, dirt, and more. The coating uses a corrosion protection mechanism and is hydrophobic in nature. 

Permagard’s paint protection has gained fame as the best car coating because of its eco-friendly formula. The reactive polymer coating is biodegradable and doesn’t harm the car, the people who come in contact with it, and the environment. It is easy to maintain and clean. 

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Take a microfiber cloth (which is also sold by Permagard) and wipe it in the car’s exterior in a single direction. That’s it. You will get rid of all the smudges, dirt, dust, and bacteria sitting on the surface of the coating. 

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Permagard’s reactive polymer coating needs to be applied only once. Unless you get a new paint job done on the car, you don’t need to go for another layer of the protective coating. And the biggest advantage is that it costs less than ceramic coating and lasts for a longer time. Just take your car to Permagard’s service center, and they will do the rest. You can also get the automotive window Film to protect the window glass from harmful UV rays and pollution. Permagard also provides a warranty on the reactive polymer coating for the car’s exterior. 

All in all, Permagard’s protective coating is a better option compared to ceramic coating or any other car paint protection techniques. 

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