February 2021
Benefits of Dry Washing Your Car
Dry-washing is a relatively new technique where you clean your car without using buckets of water. The release of rinse-free car wash products has resulted in dry washing become popular among car owners. The prime item you need for this is a car cleaning cloth. But not just any cloth will do. You need a microfiber...
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paint protection film vs ceramic coating, which is better
The best way to protect the car’s exterior is by adding a protective layer over the car’s paint. This will ensure that the paint doesn’t get affected by pollution, harmful UV rays, changing seasons, dirt, mud, and scratches. Car paint protection film is essential if you want your car to have the same shine and gloss even...
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how to clean car at home
We don’t always take our car to the service center to get it cleaned. Some of us like to give the car a good wash at home and see it sparkle as it does in the service centers.  But do we get the same results? That’s debatable, isn’t it? Some of us just don’t seem...
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