March 2021
Microfiber cloth is nothing less than a revolution in recent times. From using kitchen towels to paper towels are the best to picking up a microfiber cloth, we’ve come a long way. The matter might seem inconsequential to many people. After all, it is just another piece of cloth that claims to clean a surface....
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These Items are Dangerous for Your Car paint
Car paint is the same as your skin. When you take care to protect it from sunlight, cold, and pollution, shouldn’t you do the same to your car? Many things that we consider to be relatively harmless can cause a lot of damage to the car paint.  This will result in your car losing its...
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Washing and cleaning the car’s exterior is something most of us anyway do (or get it done). But what about the interiors? Isn’t cleaning the inside of the car equally important? After all, we sit in the car, right? The interiors gather a lot of dirt and bacteria every day. Sweat, pollution, kids, pets, bags,...
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top 5 benefits of using window films
Taking care of the car means giving equal importance to every aspect of the vehicle, be it the exterior, the interior, the engine, wheels, and windows. Yes, windows. The car windows are just as prone to damage as the paint and the interiors. The best way to protect them is by using tints. What is window...
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