These Items/Decorations are Dangerous for Your Car Paint

These Items are Dangerous for Your Car paint

Car paint is the same as your skin. When you take care to protect it from sunlight, cold, and pollution, shouldn’t you do the same to your car? Many things that we consider to be relatively harmless can cause a lot of damage to the car paint. 

This will result in your car losing its shine and looking drab even before it actually gets old. Dressing up the car is fun and can bring additional glamour to it. But do you know that some of the decorative items and fun things you indulge in are actually ruining the car paint? 

Yes! Don’t wonder what they are. Read the blog to know which items are dangerous for the car paint and how you can protect the car’s exteriors from being all kinds of harmful substances. 

Washable Paint and Markers 

It might seem fun to use washable paint and markers on the car to draw something. But even the washable paint can cause some car paint to become coarse and discolor, especially when exposed to sunlight.

Permagard’s Reactive Polymer Protection Technology safeguards the car paint from such dangers. 

  • It provides all-around protection for car paint
  • It uses a corrosion protection mechanism 
  • The paint protection is hydrophobic
  • It is created using eco-friendly and biodegradable components  
  • It provides a high gloss finish 
  • Permagard’s Paint Protection is easy to clean and maintain 

Do you Know?
Writing on the dust coat on a car can cause scratches on the paint. Ever thought of it before? It’s a common joke to write something or draw a silly smile on a dusty car. But dust is rough as sandpaper and will etch the design on the car paint.


Coffee and the sugar in it will harm the car paint by eating through the layers. Similar to eggs, coffee also has high acidic levels and can seep through the wax coating. If you are used to placing your coffee cup on the car’s roof on the bonnet, stop doing it immediately. 

Source : takeittosams


Splattering someone’s car with an egg might be fun, but it can harm the car paint in more ways than one. The acidic nature of the egg eats away the car paint and gets baked into the pores of the surface. If you leave it long, a single egg can seep into the layers of the car paint and cause permanent damage. 

Interesting fact: Even wax coating is not immune to eggs.

You need something more powerful like Permagard’s Paint Protection that doesn’t let harmful particles spread across the surface. 

Source : daydaynews

Permagard will stand as a barrier between the egg and the car paint until you wipe it away. 

Automatic Sprinklers 

Automatic sprinklers sure can be a fun way to spray water on the car. However, you need to stay as far as possible from them. Spraying water on car paint that has been exposed to sunlight and is nice and hot will cause water spots on the paint. 

The water spots can permanently settle into the car paint and cause discoloration. Even the most useful item on this earth- water, can be harmful to the car paint if you are not careful. 

Permagard’s Car Paint Protection is hydrophobic. It doesn’t let water particles get through the reactive polymer coating that covers the car paint. 

Dirty Cloth

Cleaning your car with any cloth your find is absolutely not okay. And if you haven’t washed it for a while or if it looks stained and dirty, don’t even think of wiping the car’s surface with it.

Source : Freepik

Anything other than the microfiber cloth will cause harm to car paint. It will create minute scratches on the surface and damage the car paint. You may not see the scratches, but they will be there. And the scratches will grow bigger and deeper as time passes.

Permagard’s microfiber cloth is:

  • Super soft
  • Has no edges to harm the car paint
  • Provides better cleaning than paper towels
  • Picks up dirt, tiny stones, and liquids from the care surface
  • Can be put to use multiple times before it needs washing

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are one of the most common and annoying things, aren’t they? The worst part is that they are out of our control. We cannot do much except clean the car afterward. Do you know that bird droppings are dangerous for car paint?

The poop contains Uric acid, which is corrosive and can harm the car paint. It can even damage car wax and seep through its barrier to harm the car paint.

Source : Carroar

You need something stronger and reliable like Permagard’s reactive polymer technology to prevent bird dropping from reaching the car paint. Permagard’s paint protection will form an unbreakable barrier between the poop and the car paint, not allowing it to spread over the surface.

Fuel Spills

Brake fluid is liquid gold for your car engine, but it is dangerous for your car paint. The fluid will eat away the paint before you know what had happened. The only saving grace here is that brake fluid is easy to wipe off with a paper towel.

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But if you want to be sure that it doesn’t cause the least bit of harm to the car, use Permagard’s microfiber towel. Make sure to wash the car with car shampoo to remove all traces of brake fluid.

Source : Acidcow

Permagard’s paint protection uses reactive polymer technology that prevents the fluid droplets from spreading over the surface. It stands as a protective layer between the car paint and the brake fluid to keep your car’s exterior safe from such dangerous attacks.

Fact: Brake fluid contains glycol that has a dual action mechanism that makes it efficient at attacking coatings. Infact, the chemical works like an aggressive solvent on car paint!!


Apart from the items mentioned above, the inflammable fluids are also not suitable for car paint. Petrol is one such example. Don’t let these liquids anywhere near the car exterior. It’s risky for the car paint and can also result in explosions.

For everything else, there is Permagard’s Paint Protection. Be it UV rays, salt, acid rain, bird droppings, pollution, or just about anything, Permagard’s Paint Protection prevents it from reaching the car paint and damaging it. 

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