Things You Didn’t Know about Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth is nothing less than a revolution in recent times. From using kitchen towels to paper towels are the best to picking up a microfiber cloth, we’ve come a long way.

The matter might seem inconsequential to many people. After all, it is just another piece of cloth that claims to clean a surface.

But no,

A microfiber cloth is not just any other ordinary item that promises to wipe away all traces of dirt and dust. It actually does what it promises and does it with such efficiency that you’ll realize that a microfiber cloth cannot be replaced by a towel.

What if you Googled microfiber cloth?

You would have been bombarded with dozens of theories and stories about how it was invented and how it is made and whatnot. It can get annoying when the information contradicts itself, and we don’t know which one to believe.

permagard microfiber cloth

That’s why we’ve put up this blog. You will see a little of everything about microfiber cloth and also understand why it so damn popular.

Polyester and Nylon

A microfiber cloth is made using two materials- polyester and nylon. The two are assembled and sewn together in varying proportions and patterns to create a microfiber cloth that can absorb dirt, mud, liquids, and other contaminants without harming the surface on which it is being used.

High-quality Raw Materials

So what makes Permagard’s microfiber car cleaning cloth special from the rest? Well, think about it. The quality of the raw materials used to manufacture the microfiber cloth will decide the end result, doesn’t it?

The company ensures 100% quality, right from choosing the raw materials to manufacturing the cloth and selling it.

Permagard’s Microfiber Cloth:

microfiber cloth features

Versatile Usage

How can such a useful piece of cloth not be versatile? You can use the microfiber cloth to clean-

uses of microfiber cloth - permagard india

The microfiber cloth will absorb and grab even the tiny grainy particles and prevent them from scratching the surface. Phew! That’s a relief, isn’t it? 

Did You Know?
A microfiber cloth is not just good at cleaning. It is eco-friendly as well. Compared to a cotton cloth, the microfiber cloth needs 50% fewer chemicals and 33% less water to clean. Isn’t that great?

Deep Cleaning 

Nothing can compare to the level of cleaning provided by a microfiber cloth. The microfibers are capable of capturing-

The microfibers ensure that these particles do not stay on the surface of the cloth and cause marks on scratches on the car paint. The dirt is hidden between the microfibers to provide perfectly clean results every time. 

Soft, Smooth, and Durable 

Yes. The microfiber cloth is softer and smoother than a paper towel. Permagard’s microfiber cloth is edgeless. The cloth is soft-sewn to prevent scratches on the car paint due to rough edges. 

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The microfiber cloth is durable and lasts for a long time. You don’t even have to wash it often. Periodic washing (follow the instructions by Permagard) will be enough to keep the cloth clean and deliver the best results. 


A microfiber car cloth is a wonderful invention. And being a versatile piece of fabric, you can use the same microfiber cloth to clean the car’s exterior and interior. You can clean your home and get rid of the dirt and bacteria on the surfaces that cause health issues. 

Permagard’s microfiber cloth is the best in the market and can be purchased through the company website. Also, try Permagard’s shampoo for complete cleaning of your car. 

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