Tips On How to Clean, Disinfect, and Sanitize Your Car During Coronavirus Crisis


The times have brought an unexpected crisis upon the whole of humankind. The year 2020 bought an uninvited guest along with itself, and now it is a pandemic. It has created havoc all around the world. Nothing seems to survive this crisis. All the good going economies have come to a halt. Not a single bomb or nuclear weapons has the ability to stop it. It seems like humanity has bought it on to itself. This guest is none other than the COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus.

In the period of this pandemic, one and only weapon against it is the safe and clean hygiene. We have to start by giving hygiene paramount importance. Keeping your hands clean and your mouth covered by a face mask is the minimum that is in our hands. All the objects we touch or people around us can have a risk of contagion.

 However, what about your precious ride, your car? Have you thought about it? Do you know your near and dearly owned possession is just lying in your garage exposed to these uninvited guests? But, are you forgetting the car sanitization completely?

Its time that you start keeping hygiene at par, even for your motor car. Use all the necessary car sanitization services that are available. Permagard’s Anti-microbial shield will help fight these viruses.

Here, we have summed up a few tips to take you through this pandemic safe and sound:

It is advised by almost all the health advisory around the world to maintain social distance and stay home to curb the spread of the virus. However, there can be a few exceptions where getting out of the house is the only way. One exception can be where you have to get out to buy some necessary grocery items for your family. While the other can be, if you fall under the essential service provider like the transporter or grocery vendor or police force etc. only under such circumstances people can leave their houses.

But the commutes that these people use are equally harmful if not sanitized. The car sanitizer liquid that is available in the market will help you fight this virus. For complete car coating you can also order Anti-microbial shield and keep your car clean and bacteria free.

The expert advice to use cloths and disinfectants specially manufactured for this purpose. These products are made available online. Make sure to grab these products to keep yourself away from hazardous viruses.

Now let’s talk about the surface that needs to be cleansed with this car sanitizer liquid that you just bought. The experts suggest following a certain process while cleaning your car. The first being, cleaning, followed by sanitizing and disinfecting.

The first step cleans the dust from the surface but does not kill any germs or bacteria. Killing these germs is our actual priority. Then comes the process of lowering the number of germs by killing the bacteria. And then comes to the last stage of using the chemicals to get rid of the waste completely.

The car engineers and mechanics tell us to use a microfibre cloth for this process of cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces. Make sure to spray the disinfectant and car sanitizer directly onto the surface. Then wipe it with the microfibre cloth recommended earlier.

We suggest cleansing the steering wheel every time you take your car outside for a ride. Because the steering console is more likely to be contaminated as it is way close to your face, and you lay your hands directly on them. Along with the steering console, do not forget the wiper and headlight stalls below it. They are also constantly touched by the driver.

The shift gear lever is the second most highly touched point in your car after the steering. The shift gear is also something one should take care of. As soon as you return home from buying your grocery and finishing your service at work, make sure to first get some car sanitization service. Or if that ain’t possible, you can use these tips to do the car sanitization on your own.

The next part of the car that has the probability of being infected is the door and its knob. You know it is that part of the car that is never left untouched. Along with this part, the display screens, air conditioner vents, radio controls, voice controls, navigation, cupholders, etc.

Things to avoid while cleaning

We cannot emphasize enough, but we tell you once again that, do not use any kind of bleach or hydrogen peroxide on any parts of the car. This might fade up your interiors or damage them severely beyond repair. This can be a costly affair, and obviously, we do not want such extra work right now.

Also, do not use the “blue glass cleaner” on the interior. When this cleaner comes in contact with the dashboard and when subjected to heat can cause it to get all sticky. Furthermore, using this glass cleaner on the display screen can also be a bad decision. At all costs, avoid these points.

Do not scrub too hard when you apply the car sanitizer liquid on the surface that it loses all its shine and newness. Yes, it is true that soap and water will help you get rid of the coronavirus bacteria. However, if you apply too much of soap and water, it will completely ruin the surface coating and dyes. This is some extremely important tip one should not miss out on.

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