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Kill Germs from Car Interior : The majority of people want their cars to be clean. But only a few of them are able to do it properly. Even if you are not that much interested in cleaning, it is important to clean your car regularly. There are a lot of germs inside a car because it is frequently used by a lot of people. The opening and closing of the door also allow more germs to get in.  It is said that the inside of the car is as dirty as a bathroom.

So, now you can imagine how many germs there can be inside a car. Most of the people generally go for a car wash, but it only cleans the exterior of the car and not the interior. To clean the interior of the car you need to understand which places are attracting more germs. The easy solution of using a car freshener might work but soon the germs will increase and might lead to sickness of the driver or the daily traveler. A more effective and convenient method of interior car germ protection is to use Permagard’s, Antimicrobial Shield.  For cleaning maximum germs, conveniently, follow the points given below-

1. Air Conditioner

These places are very small and hard to clean.  The majority of people don’t put in the effort to clean their AC compartment and thus it remains dirty for a long period of time. These places start to accumulate germs for a long period of time gradually. The most essential thing with this is that it gives air inside the car that contains germs and when people use the air conditioner, they close the windows of the car.  As a result, new germs particles enter, and the old ones are trapped leading to a lot of germs inside your car. The very small circuit of the air conditioner makes it very difficult to clean. 

Most of the people keep the car freshener above the air conditioner. In all fairness, your car also gives efforts to clean this area if you want to be with fewer germs.  The air conditioners can also be clean if the owner uses appropriate methods to keep them clean. The car germ protection scheme by Permagard is a viable choice.  Permagard’s Antimicrobial Shield eliminates the germs extensively.

Car Germ Protection

2. Seats

The most used feature of the car is the seats. The number of people sitting on these seats may range from a few to a hundred.  The seats get dirty as they attract more germs over time. The seats are generally full of pieces of food, hair, clothes or any other thing that the user could not fit in the back. The seat is so intensely used that it is covered all over with germs. The leaning place of the seat to the place where people sit.

The carwash cleans the seats and even dries it but it is like unfinished work. The best way to kill germs from your seat is to wash it and lay it outside to get sun rays. Exposing the seats to sunshine after washing them will kill most of the germs. The other way is to use seat cover that you can change periodically according to your wish. While all the suggested methods work, a more effective way is to use Permagard’s copolymer technology for car interior treatment. The Copolymer coating uses invisible guard forces that ‘bead up’ and ensures that slipped liquid doesn’t get absorbed into the seats. The bottom line is to understand that interior protection is a necessity.

Car Interior

3. Other car interior parts

The places that will have the most amounts of germs are the places people touch the most. The door handles are touched frequently by many different people. The controls are also used by the driver to guide the car. All these places accumulate a lot of germs as it is not only touched by you but also many other people that might have not used the car just touched the door handle. The door handles might not be able to remain clean for a long period of time. You have to ensure their cleanliness.

After cleaning the door handle you have to use it to let yourself in the car. So, still, the best way to kill germs in these areas is to wash the door handles regularly. The door handles can be cleaned with a tissue wipe.   The majority of people use soapy water to clean the door handles. However, a more advanced method of antimicrobial car interior protection is to get the Polymer coating by Permagard applied inside your car. It is an effective way to get rid of germs, considering the implementation of the ‘bead up’ mechanism. Also, it enables us to maintain car hygiene conveniently and within a short amount of time. The controls and buttons can be kept clean by wiping the area more often.


When you own a car you want it to keep clean and smell fresh. But normally maintaining a car and cleaning it on a daily basis is not possible. Still, there are a few ways that you can use to keep your car clean and smell fresh. There are now scented germs killing fragrances that can be used in the car. The other way is to brush off the seats and steering wheel before you are going to use your car. The people who don’t want to do all these things for the cleanliness of the car can just use a vacuum inside the car and blow away all the germs.

All the above methods work but if you want one solution for all the cleaning purposes of your car interior, the best option is Permagard. The Antimicrobial Shield technology ensures the absence of germs from your car and maintains the hygiene inside it. Being a scientifically sound and effective mechanism, Permagard’s Germ Protection technology is by far the most convenient method to keep your car clean. The main reason for keeping the car clean is that smells fresh and very comfortable to use and chances of getting sick while using your own car decrease. So, keep the car clean and wash the car at a scheduled time always.

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