Preventative Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car in Good Condition

Luxury Car Paint Protection

Everyone who buys a car, be it new or second hand, wants his/her car to be in the best possible condition. If car owners want the best experience out of their cars, they need to follow a few normal or basic prevention rules. The main thing that most people focus on is to keep it in a good condition so that they do not have any issues while driving the car or to keep the car working at its best until they can afford to change the car.

However, a lot of car owners don’t even follow the basics that ensure their cars’ longevity. This leads them to face serious mechanical issues and also causes a lot of damage to the interior of the car, all of which they might have avoided if they were careful with their cars. A lot of people have a tendency of not investing in their cars after buying them. But they tend to forget that if they spend a little more money on the car they can make sure to get the best experience in the future.

Check the Owner’s Manual

This is one of the most essential documents that a car owner has and should always be kept in the car safely and carefully. This manual contains all the information about the working of the car and can be required in any case of emergency. It can even help the owner to find and understand the best features of the car if they read it thoroughly.

There is a lot of information that is included in the manual that will help the owner to learn about the warranty of the car or the functions of the car. Also, which oil to use or which filter should be used in the exhaust is mentioned in this small manual.

Protecting the car’s exterior

The tires are one of the most important parts of a car. They should be always checked before driving the car and must contain the correct pressure so that the car will run smoothly, without any problems. Without periodic pumping of the tires, they wear out faster as they take in more damage than they can intake. Tires contain the correct amount of pressure, usually. Negligence leads to an imbalance in pressure.

The tires’ condition also affects the mileage of the car, as the underinflated tires use up more gas to power the car and run it on the road than the tires that are been inflated. Using Permagard’s paint protection scheme is one of the most advanced luxury car paint protection tips anyone can suggest to you. The patented technology with its revolutionary mechanisms reduces the impact of external pollutants that can harm your car.

Tire rotation might not be much popular, but it is very effective and it keeps the tires of your in good condition.  Many people do not know that the load on different tires is different and the surface of obstacles that they go through are variant as well. Thus, proper balance by changing the position of tires is necessary.

It basically a process in which the tires are first taken out of the car and then put back in the car but not in the previous position but in any other position. Along with this practice, it is imperative to coat your car with Permagard’s protective barrier for the best results. This imparts a glossy texture to your car and also helps in keeping the tires in good condition. As a result, the mileage of the car is stable as the tires perform at its best level.

This is very well known to the people who drive a car or any vehicle, that the oil needs to be changed after a few months or after the mentioned distance traveled by car, which of these would come first the oil will still be changed. But now the good is that modern cars don’t need a frequent oil change and can work on old oil also.

Coating the exterior with a protective barrier like that of Permagard serves the purpose of ensuring no leakage in the pipes. It gives you exterior protection as the scientific protection that the car gets help it to sustain all weather changes and also helps to protect the exterior from grains, sediments, gravel. This is one of the best protection coats that can easily deal with any type of harsh environmental agents. The coating keeps the exterior of your car safe and intact.

The view of the drives should always be clear so that they can ride their cars easily and smoothly without any danger of getting into an accident. The wipers after being used for a prolonged period, get dirty and then marks appear on the windshield. This should be avoided at all costs as it can blur or obstruct the vision of the drive and may lead to any mishap. The easiest method of cleaning the wipers is to coat them with the protective barrier by Permagard. [A9] The scientifically sound mechanism prevents the accumulation of any kind of germs. Thus, all that is left to do for you is to wipe the parts regularly. Do not wait for the dust to show up, always opt for a preventative measure instead.

Taking care of the car’s interior

The most crucial part of any car is its engine. The engine is responsible for the performance of the car and that is why it should be taken care of the most. The air filter in the car’s engine also needs changing and cleaning. The changing time of the air filter is different for different cars and all the information is available in the manual book of the car. If the car is being used for driving in harsh conditions and the car is rode at place where there is a lot of dust, grains, gravel, dirt road, etc then it will be better if the air filter is changed before the time given in the manual as the time given in the manual is a calculated number that is only if the car is driven at a normal road or area. One of the most effective luxury car protection tips is using Permagard’s copolymer coating.

Permagard not only covers the exterior but also protects the interior of the car as well as maintaining the inner beauty and design of the car. The majority of seats in the car get wrinkled, the color gets faded, and cracks, shrinks, etc., The CoPolymer coating by Permagard protects the seats and other interior parts of the car. One of the best features of the Permagard protection is that it also protects the user from harmful bacteria and germs that may enter through the air conditioner of the car or the other small chambers. Germs target these entry points because these places are very small and hard to clean. However, if you use Permagard’s Antimicrobial Shield, it will solve all these problems and the odor inside the car will be pleasant. Getting rid of harmful germs with an invisible shield-like feature of the Permagard is something you should not refuse.


It is very important to take good care of your car and to drive safely. The car should be prevented so that it can serve the owner for a long time at a top-level and perform well throughout the years that the car is been used. The prevention method is very simple and can be done by the owner himself or the service centers of the car company.

If you need the full protection of your beloved car then you can trust Permagard. The polymer technology is one of the most effective and advanced schemes to protect your car. The dilemma of the best luxury car protection tip ends here. This scheme covers almost all the parts of a car and Permagard has been trusted by many over the past three decades. The person who will be benefited if this prevention method is used is the owner. There is no doubt that you will enjoy the service and comfort of the car for a very long time, provided you maintain it.

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