4 Ways To Keep Your Car Sanitized and Cleaned During The Pandemic

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The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has taken a severe toll over mankind and still continues to. This is the worst pandemic humanity has seen in centuries. It is time that we start taking all the necessary preventive measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus. Until now, you must have learned how one should wash their hands, but no one has told us how to sanitize our cars. Permagard provides the necessary Car Sanitization Services just for you. We provide the best quality services that are customer-centric.

The health advisories around the world have recommended everyone to stay at home and reduce travelling to distinct places for unnecessary reasons. This, in turn, will help the world to fight against Coronavirus and curb its spread to different parts of the world. Few of us might get out of the house to buy groceries or to provide essential services to society. It is highly important that we keep our Car Sanitize as vehicles are carriers of dust, bacteria, viruses, and grime.

While we travel, our only companion is our commuting vehicles and motors cars. Hence, keeping them clean and bacteria-free is like saving our own lives. In this article, we’ll give you some tips to keep your commute free from hazardous viruses.

Your beloved cars can be the cause of infection to our families and us. It is in the positive interest of you to get rid of all the dust and bacterias on the surface of the car. Permagard understands your concern and hence has to solve the issues related to car sanitization. We have summed up six ways to keep your car clean and disinfected from deadly viruses like COVID-19.

Materials and equipment required to sanitize your car

One of the most important things every person should note down is not to use any type of home remedy for cleaning or disinfecting your cars. Not all remedies fall under the pretext of materials to be used for cleansing the car. Only a few technical things are needed to be memorized and taken care of while cleaning and sanitizing your precious possession.

Do not use any cloth that is available to clean the interiors of the car. There is special cloth for wiping off dust and leaves no scratches at all, called a microfibre cloth. This cloth has a minute mesh-like structure that collects off dust easily. Although, only the use of microfibre won’t help you get through this deadly crisis.

Do not use the bleach and any ammonia-based liquid on the surface of the interiors. It can damage the dashboards as the plastic is very sensitive to such products. Upon exposure to heat, the surface can get all sticky and lose all the shine and newness it has. Use authorized car sanitizer liquid only. The ones recommended by the experts or the manufacturer are to be used. Permagard will assist you in getting the best Car Sanitization Service as they already have the best Copolymer coating and Antimicrobial shield products in the market.

The Copolymer Car Coating is the one that is used for your car cabin, especially to protect the upholstery. The formula used to make this coating is purely biodegradable and nontoxic. This Car Coating will protect your car cabin from being faded, acid rain, insect etching, tree sap, dust, salt, hard water deposits, scuff marks, etc. The benefits of the coating are very surprising as not all coating might offer you the same.

 There is no chance of disappointment as we are committed to providing the customer with the best quality services around the country.

Here are four ways to keep your car safe from Coronavirus

Wash the exteriors of the car

Before you start washing the exteriors of the car, make sure to wear some gloves to protect your hands from unwanted dust and viruses. Then use a high-pressure water jet cleaner to clean off the dirt from the car. If you do not have the same, you can also use a garden hose too. Just make sure you get each and every corner cleaned to proceed further. Do not park the car directly under the sun, or else the surface will have some watermarks that can ruin your car paint.

Use vacuum cleaner regularly

The dust attracts easily onto your car and settles down that attracts unwanted fungi and bacterias. This is one of the simplest and the best way to reduce infection from your car. While you are doing this process, do not forget to scrub the car floor like the pedals, carpets, lever, floor mats, etc. Use soap water to deep clean your car seats that are at high risk of infection. Fabric seats are more likely to soak up bacterias and viruses to cause infection. Hence due care of the seats is an essential thing.

Sanitize all the frequently touched points

Identify the frequently touched points on the car and also inside the car. The high touchpoints have the possibility to be contaminated from the touch of the passenger or the driver. The high touchpoints in a car like the doorknobs, window buttons, steering console, wiper stalks, shift gear lever, dashboard, display screens, radio controls, ventilation vents, seat belts, etc. must be sanitized first. If these high touchpoints are sanitized, then the risk of infection is highly reduced.  Sanitizing these parts can be challenging, and hence Permagard centers are here to help our customers in these difficult times.

Sanitize the HVAC unit

The HVAC unit is nothing but the heating, ventilation, and air conditioner unit of the car. This unit is responsible for circulating air in the car and, therefore, can be contaminated too. In the current situation like this one, it becomes essential to deep clean the whole unit. Try cleaning the air filters too before the summer season sets in. It is high time that we start taking the outbreak of Coronavirus seriously and sanitize our cars. Use experts recommended car sanitizer liquid to disinfect your precious car.

In times like this, we are the saviours of ourselves and our families. You have the chance to be the heroes by just playing your role of staying at home. If experts recommended car sanitizer is not available at home, then you can also use soap water alternatively. But, if that does not as planned, you can always take your car to the nearest Permagard outlet once this lockdown comes to an end. You can avail of the highly effective Copolymer coating and Antimicrobial shield all at once. We hope that you are at home and safe. We got this.

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